28. November 2019 - 19:00 till 20:30
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Maitreya Meditation | Weitsicht | Thursday, 28. November 2019

Are you ready to be transformed? One of the root causes of human misery of this modern time is the absence of us being present. Most often we just exist as a mind, a collection of thoughts and belief systems, rarely being aware of the existence of others and of our own presence. By existing solely in the mind and not in the actual reality, we miss the life we are here to live out. The Maitreya Meditation has been created by Dhyan Vimal as a global peace effort to re-establish the truth that there is a presence to each human being beyond the existence of the mind. It is an incredible exercise that helps you be freed of the mind and to provoke your state of being to come alive. This meditation is the very base that has to be mastered before any real transformation can happen.THE MEDITATION FORMATThe Maitreya Meditation has three stages. 1- Silent sitting based on Dhyan Vimal’s ABC technique, which restores you back to your presence. 2 - Lie down in the awareness of Dhyan Vimal’s first 6-Rites of Awakening, which are the rites needed to live in mastery and creation. 3 - The last stage is celebration where you celebrate for all. Explore our Free MASTERCLASS libary for lectures on Maitreya Meditation; https://www.dvashram.com/masterclass/ JOIN THE MEDITATION Dates - 15 NovemberTime - 19.00-20.30 Address - Weitsicht, Jakobstr. 57, 8004 ZürichFee - suggested donation 10 CHF Kindly email to zurich@dhyanvimal.com for any questions.Welcome! DV Institute Team