29. April 2017 - 10:00 till 16:00
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3rd Annual Holistic & Spiritual Wellness Fair | Cowan Park | Saturday, 29. April 2017

We are looking for unique vendors who represent what it means to work in the natural health and wellness field, by providing the community with sharing their beliefs and intentions for their practice. We are also looking for unique local artisans and entrepreneurs who bring a spiritual vibe to their practice, whether it be yoga, sound therapy practitioners, body practitioners, reiki, fitness advocates, etc. WE WANT YOU! We want to make this the best wellness fair to date yet and we hope you will attend! LOCAL BUSINESSES ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!
‘’Peace, Love & Prosperity’’- Suze Farkas- Event Organizer

When: Saturday April 29, 2017
Set Up Time: 8 am -10 am
Event Time: 10 am- 4 pm
Where: Cowen Park, 895 Ridgewood Drive Woodstock,ON N4T 0A6

Admission is Entry by Donation for adults and FREE FOR CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER

All donations and proceeds will be going to TWO CHARITIES- 1 Local and 1 World Wide.
~ Domestic Abuse Services Oxford ( DASO) if you would like to make a donation you can visit the website here
~ Save the Children: Latin America & Carribean and Middle East. To learn more about this charity please visit

I am looking to support women and children in our communities and across the world to help them find refuge and a safe environment. With atrocoties around the world, we need to unite and work together to support all women and children by providing them with clothing, food and education. Most children and women are forced to live in poverty stricken conditions and are not able to work, fight for their rights, and never pass grade 8. We need to be the solution.

Our Current Vendor Lineup:
Shelly Fraczek and Kim Slager- Young Living Essential Oils
Claudia Dale- Your Souls Content
Julie Hamilton- DoTERRA Essential Oils
Linda Lodewyks- Fifth Avenue
Tj- Celestial Truth
Karly Thomas- Steeped Tea
Shannon Nes-Jack- Chiropractic Health and Wellness
Leanne Grant- Arbonne
Meaghan Nadwodny- Sweet Legs
Jessica Ryan Hopkins- Birth and Bereavement Doula
Nikki Watley- Nicole Designs CO.
Marie Hughes- Beachbody
Sunni Petrakis- Placenta Pure
Sandra Kimpel- Kangen Water
Radiant Health + Mystic Revelations
Miranda Bond- The Nesting Instinct
Wanda Psutka- Garden Gate Wellness
Cynthia Vandenbukyl- ItWorks
Stacie Stafford- Beeuty and the Bees Soapery
Pius Kunz- Pranic Healing
Alyssa Hazeleger- Natural Motion Health
Sarah Sauve- Epicure
Kathy Gilbert- Making Scents of Soy
Maegan Canfield- 31
Hannah Vrughteveen- Usborne
Chrissy Cook- Harmonious MBS
Kayla Garbutt- Younique
Susan Stephenson- Norwex
Lisa Medeiros- Splatz Art
Kendra Murray- Kay & King Co.
Joanna Emery- Inside Circles
Hazel- Osteopathy
Annette Parker- Subtle Energies
Kaitlyn Rowland RMT & Elisha Cook N.D
Jenn Elliott- Oxford Holistic Health
Whisper Gardiner- Alternate Routes
Nicole- Grief Supporter
Andrew W- Mental Health
Cricket Scott- La Leche League
Jo-Anne Orton- Voxx Sox

I look forward to this event and seeing you all become a part of it!
<3 xo