01. October 2018 - 9:00
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100th Anniversary of Blak's Bakery Oct 1 2018 | Blak's Bakery | Monday, 01. October 2018

We are going to celebrate 100 years of baking bread in Windsor at the same location, by the same family.
We need your help to tell our story.
Have you or a relative or a friend ever worked at the bakery?
Did you ever have a ride in the horse drawn wagon of the past?
Did we make your wedding cake?
What is your first memory of coming by our shop?
Please email us your memories or write them down on paper and bring it into us.
If you have any pictures of the bakery or the area from the past we would love to scan them.
  • I have loved the mexicanChocolate lunch bars for 70 years . They are world best.
  • Malic's Delicatessen and Restaurant sandwich bread is served Deli cut fresh every day!
  • REALLY HAVE THE MOST AMAZING PACZKI'S. Wish I were in Windsor right now!
  • lets bake that book!
  • Congratulations!!! A fabulous bakery with great roots and an Icon in our City.