17. June 2019 - 8:00
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Copy of Skyphoria Dustup | Bonneville Salt Flats | Monday, 17. June 2019

Photographers, Models!!!
June 15th thru June 23rd in The Salt Flats of Utah an opportunity for you. We are not selling our packages to attend a whole week filming of our commercial. But you can experience it for one day. If you want to see what it’s like to shoot with a film crew, and 5 to 10 different photographers at the same time, We will allow you to get that experience for a fee. For $800 fee you can spend a whole day from sunrise till dawn benefiting from everything else that the rest of the crew and models will. Yes we do charge so if you do not see a benefit in this, that’s totally ok. Our goal with this event and this commercial is to elevate our brand and brands of people were working with, tell your story and wow everyone in NYFW. We work closely with influencers and public figures to collaborate on bespoke event that is absolutely going to make an impression.Below is a video of what we did in the salt flats of Utah that in the past.John Ashford