27. October 2017 - 22:00
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FREAK SHOW - Budweiser Fearless Waterloo | The Turret | Friday, 27. October 2017

Join the Fearless this Halloween as we travel to 10 cities across Canada turning your favourite bar into the ultimate transformative experience. Filled with creepy decor like you’ve never seen, live performances that will make your skin crawl, top DJs, and hundreds of people dressed to ****, Freak Show is guaranteed to be the wildest Halloween party in Waterloo!

XL Lifestyle & The Turret Presents:
☆ FREAK SHOW | Budweiser Fearless ☆

Join the Fearless!
- Freaky Performers & Creepy Decor -

Friday October 27th at The Turret


Starting at: $7.95
TICKETS ON SALE: Thur, Oct 5th at 1 PM

This event will be SOLD OUT!

Join the fearless.
Must be 19+

Email: hello@xllifestyle.com

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  • 🔥 EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE OVER 85% SOLD OUT! 🔥 Secure your tickets to Waterloo’s wildest Halloween Party, while you still can!⚡️🎃 TICKETS: https://www.ticketlabs.com/event/15283/ #BudweiserFearless #FreakShow17
  • - TICKETS ON SALE NOW - Limited Early Birds Available
  • 🎃🎉 CANADA’S BIGGEST HALLOWEEN TOUR IS BACK 🎃🎉 Freaky Performers & Creepy Decor. Join the Fearless. Tickets on Sale TODAY @ 1 PM: www.freakshow.ca/tickets LEARN MORE: www.freakshow.ca #BudweiserFearless #FreakShow17 Must be 19+
  • Ashley Lynn Crawford Chelsey Keann Aubé Jamie-Mae Wood DONT MAKE ME GO ALONE
  • Jonah Léroux 😏?
  • Andrea Budimir Mounir Assasah
  • Vanessa Witt round two?
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏