06. November 2018 - 0:01 till 23:59
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Take Back Congress 2018 | United States | Tuesday, 06. November 2018

Our best chance to stop President Trump, and his radical agenda, is to organize early and elect a Democratic Congress in 2018.

Young voters, liberals/progressives, and Democrats tend to skip elections in non-presidential years. That has to stop!

Here's how you can help:

1) RSVP "Going" for a reminder to vote on Election Day 2018, and/or add this to your calendar by clicking http://evt.mx/oy0WB9A7.

2) Register to vote at https://turbovote.org/ or https://www.iwillvote.com/learn/.

3) Share this event with your friends.

4) Follow our Facebook page Take Back Congress 2018.

The hosts: Brett and Alli met in college. Brett is a writer and campaign veteran. Alli's an artist. Basically they're two friends who think Trump's ideas, cabinet appointments, and tweets are completely bonkers and dangerous. Let's do something about it.
  • Doug Jones might just pull this off. If you have friends or family in Alabama, remind them to vote tomorrow! cc: Crooked Media, Indivisible Alabama, Indivisible - 5th District North Alabama
  • Yesterday’s horrendous 51-49 Senate vote on the GOP Tax Scam only further galvanized us to VOTE THEM OUT in 2018! Please share this event with everyone you know. The GOP has truly become the enemy of the people.
  • Hey y'all! There's a new organization *focused on investigating Trump's businesses*! Full disclosure, Brett's involved, one of the people behind this FB event. Check it out and follow Integrity First for America.
  • Missed that! But was very interested in what happened in Virginia. I was at a Democrat party event in Virginia in May and got to meet the current Governor, Lt. Gov, ( newly elected now)and several others who were running and several others who were successful in the Nov. elections. Lots of energy there. Glad there is a come back there and wish Kansas and Colorado would surge forward as well.
  • The 2017 election proves that Democrats can Take Back Congress in 2018. Together, we can stop the assault on Obamacare and women’s health, stop the GOP’s relentless pursuit of tax breaks for corporations and the uber-wealthy, and finally exercise Congressional oversight over this corrupt, self-dealing administration. Help spread the news by inviting your friends to this event. It’ll give them a calendar reminder to vote on Election Day 2018. It’s a small step, but it’ll help.
  • So are we talking about 2017 or 2018? If we are talking about 2017 I'm prepared to go. 2018 - Well that's very far away but good advance planning.
  • This event reminded is super misleading! We vote on Tuesday, November 7 not November 6.
  • November 7, 2017 is not an "off-year election." It is the beginning of our effort to take back our country. A week from Tuesday, elections will be held in these states: -Maine: Ballot measures to expand Medicaid, etc. -New Jersey: Governor and all 120 state legislative seats -New York: Ballot measures, NYC elections -Ohio: Ballot measures on criminal justice and drug prices -Pennsylvania: State judicial elections -Texas: Ballot measures -Virginia: All 100 seats in the state house, Governor, and AG -Washington: Ballot measures and a critical state senate race in Kirkland/Redmond (Vote for Manka Dhingra!) If you have friends in these states (especially Virginia and New Jersey), remind them to vote! Learn more at https://flippable.org/
  • Get your gear for the event at www.PlumpTrump.com!
  • Since I’m in Japan would I still be able to do this?
  • If you want to start Taking Back Congress now...Donate to Doug Jones campaign. He is goign head to head w/ Roy Moore in Alabama for Jeff Session's seat in a special election. Roy Moore is as extreme right as they get. He's only 4% points behind Moore (who is backed by Steve Bannon) so he needs help funding his campaign. We could actually turn Alabama into a BLUE seat!! This is a way to take ACTION NOW.
  • Zombie #Trumpcare is back from the dead, and worse than ever. If you live in #Arizona, #Alaska, #Kentucky, or #Maine, call your Senators now! Find their phone # at www.trumpcareten.org.
  • Thanks for the date reminder:)
  • Please join my page to help resist and prepare to take back the House in 2018! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1721640631484675/
  • If you live in VA or NJ, be sure to vote for your gov on November 7 of this year.
  • Already attended a precinct meeting here in Durham County. We're organizing early. We plan on going door to door to draft volunteers and find like-minded people.
  • i am in Mass, will be helpful to know where will be this?
  • It doesn't say where this is gonna be at ....I'm in dc and I'm from here if y'all wanna go up in the Capitol building or the supreme court we can make that happen
  • Trumpcare isn't dead yet. The bill is weakened, but Mitch McConnell hasn't given up. We have to keep up the pressure on Senators from AK, WV, ME, NV, AZ, CO, OH, PA, LA, and AR. Find your Facebook friends from those states at www.trumpcareten.org/ and tell them to call their Senators today. #Trumpcare
  • Jackie will be there.
  • We have 4 days to defeat TrumpCare. 4 days before the Senate votes on a bill that would raise premiums, reduce coverage, roll back protections, and end Medicaid as we know it. No exaggeration, this is the most important week for the #Resistance so far. Whether your Senators are Republican or Democrat, here's what you need to do: -Tell your Democratic Senators to resist all Senate business by withholding consent: http://bit.ly/2ttvKRf. Here's a phone directory of every Senate office in the country: www.dailykos.com/story/2017/2/2/1629046/-Call-your-senator-Phone-numbers-for-every-office-of-every-U-S-senator -Call your Republican Senators' offices. Ask for the health care staffer (listed here: http://bit.ly/2taCGpo) and use Indivisible's script (http://bit.ly/2tMHgYW). Or visit their offices and hold sit-ins to demand they oppose the bill. -If you live in AK, AR, AZ, CO, LA, ME, NV, OH, PA, or WV, call your Senators and email their staff. Visit www.TrumpCareTen.Org for more info. Thanks to Indivisible Guide for pulling most of this together.
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