22. April 2019 - 18:00 till 19:00
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Aquaponic System Design AQP 201 | H Street Farms | Monday, 22. April 2019

Participants will learn about designing an aquaponic system in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Topics for the class are:

Choosing and sourcing the right components for your fish and plants
Fish to plant conversion and sizing ratios
Filtration types and incorporation
Pump sizing and placement
Aeration sizing and placement
Controlling waterflow with plumbing and siphons
Designing for your growing environment
Infrastructure and weight calculations

Participants will receive a fact sheet with all relevant information.
Doors open at 5:30 for social meet n' greet. Feel free to bring your own snacks or beer. Class starts promptly at 6:00 because we have a lot of learning to do!
Class is taught by Brian Filipowich, Director of Anacostia Aquaponics and Chair of the national Aquaponics Association. Class takes place on Cultivate the City's beautiful rooftop farm, above Jenks Hardware Store.
Hope to see you there!