07. October 2017 - 15:00
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Victoria zombie walk 2017 | Centennial Square | Saturday, 07. October 2017

The zombie walk returns to victoria for 2017!

break out your best zombie make up and get out the blood!

//General event rules//
--No fireworks/firecrackers
--No guns/crossbows (you know its not real but the police/public dont)
--Do not smear blood on store windows along the route of the walk
--Dont touch/smear blood on walk observers
-- Dont impead traffic on the roads
-- dont **** anyone
-- Have fun but be respectfull
  • >not biting anyone >having a legitimate zombie walk pick one.
  • FYI! BodyMods Bay Centre has gotten all their contacts in! $43.95 or 2 for $80!!! Just in time for the Zombie walk!!!
  • What about unmodified/unpainted Nerf guns? We were allowed those last year
  • Christopher!!
  • We have seen them around the city over the years, how fun would it be to get together as a group and join them!? The stories and photos to be told and cherished for years! Any takers?
  • Will there be an afterparty again this year?
  • Cant wait for this years walk. And this little girls 8th bday party full of small zombies doing the walk.
  • Hoping to make a return this year, we will see
  • might be going as AoU black widow...dont really wanna dump blood and gore over my nice costumes :P
  • Where in Victoria?
  • If you need ugliest and most disgusting makeover check Alexandra Loughton Makeup Artist! She recently did my zombie horrible transformation. She knows how to work with SFX makeup and can build creepy or fashionable look! Alexandra made my hair look terrible and greasy too!
  • Hey Zombie lovers! There's a sweet movie night happening... original zombie movies the night of Zombie Walk!! Enjoy! ❤️ https://www.facebook.com/events/281829265635252??ti=ia
  • Where does the walk start?
  • Cody Ben
  • Hey all, I'll be doing zombie makeup out of Fairfield near downtown again this year! $30 for 30 minutes and includes ****, neck and hands. Info@jennmalone.com to book! Jenn Malone Makeup
  • its all fun and games until someone gets stabbed in the head.
  • Hey guys as some of you know I am a photographer and well I kinda need some bodies well some dead bodies so if you have new concepts you want to try please message me I have 2 shoots planned and could use the bodies
  • Ginger Christina ☠️
  • Consider it a Date!