10. February 2018 - 14:00
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Tsukino-*** 2018 | University of Victoria | Saturday, 10. February 2018

The Official Event for Tsukino-*** 2018
  • Only one hour left of Tsukino ***! Buy 3 regular priced Funko pop and get any clearance Funko pop for $1.99 In Elliott building room 060 #Otakuanimemanga
  • Hello tsukino *** staff and attendees. If anyone is still there could someone please look for my keys. They were lost today. Maybe at the swimsuit show or artist alley. My name is Jade Yee. It has a student Id, compass card, three keys and a dont starve lanyard. Thank you! I will check lost and found tomorrow.
  • Hey if anyone at Tsukino *** knows an older gentleman in a Porco Rosso cosplay with a mom and children, they left their funko pop at our table. We will be here tomorrow - table 27 Honeylungs
  • I regret to inform everyone that due to scheduling foibles, we do not have enough people to keep running the POKELEAGUE room. So we will be no POKELEAGUE room on Sunday and the TCG tournament will be canelled. (There is however, still a great games room you can play pokemon in) We thank everyone who came to the room and participated today!
  • When are vendors open until today (Sunday)
  • If you haven't come by already, the shipping wall is in the alcove. Come do the thing!
  • Ready for round 2 of Tsukino today! :D
  • What time is the vendor/artist hall open at today and Monday? The *** schedule and the website do not have this info for some reason.
  • Hey *** go'ers, I am happy to announce that the Tsukino *** POKELEAGUE Will finally be open Sunday at 1:00pm for registration for the Vgc tournament at 2:00 We are very sorry for anyone who was trying to find the POKELEAGUE room Saturday to hang out. Due to some mishaps we were unable to open. So feel free to drop in with your DS and/or cards to ECS 128 today at 1:00pm, we hope to see you there!
  • I will be a red haired Lucien Bloodmarch for Sunday and Monday.
  • Although most of the food places on the campus are closed, a couple of places in mystic market have opened this weekend especially for the ***. We had burgers down there and they were awesome burgers. There is also a general market for cold foods and stuff. They are open every day this *** from 11am to 3pm but didn't get a lot of traffic today, I don't think, because not a lot of people knew they were open. So this is your heads up!
  • Do you love playing board and card games? Come check out the library and playing space on the stage in ECS 125!
  • Show up! Bring friends! Strut your stuff, show us how awesome you are! https://www.facebook.com/events/2034687596816348??ti=ia
  • Look @ how cute my bb brother is!!
  • Im Joseph today! Come check us out at table #28 and get some candy ♡
  • tabling/running around as Akira today !! @ Ryo hmu 😘💕😈
  • Bad girl Pearl here! I'll be running around with emergency supplies of chocolate and Apple soda ^^
  • Reminding you all we have our Smash 4 tournament on Sunday, this is free to enter provided you have a *** Pass. We will also be streaming this if you somehow cannot make it to the tournament but want to watch it! https://www.twitch.tv/vanisleimpact https://www.facebook.com/events/382317745511962/
  • Is there any sort of after-party or official after-party? I know sometimes these things have 'raves' either held by the event or have after-parties for adults...
  • Will there be 3 day passes available at the door? We will be attending Saturday evening and all day Sunday and a pass is more economical for students.
  • Hey everyone! If you’ve been missing out on improv fun from myself and Synaptic Chaos Theatre, then good news everyone! (/end bad Farnsworth impression) My new improv group, The Voices of Anarchy, will be guesting at Tsukino-*** this weekend! Come check out two all ages, and one naughty R-rated show from a fresh cast of young, diverse idio- err, performers! Led by myself, a 14+ year improv veteran, as well as a founding member of SCT, we’ll be there to fill that professional improv shaped hole in your Tsukino-*** heart! (And just in time for Valentine’s Day, too!) So come check our shows, say hi, buy our brand new buttons (still only $1!, including a Late Night TVoA button for 2018 only available at our late show!), and have an awesome Tsukino-***!! PS. If you wanna join our Facebook page, that’d be just swell! If not, well... we’ll see what happens, won’t we? (spoiler: it’s nothing.) The Voices of Anarchy
  • Is there an admin I can message please? :)
  • Since it actually arrived on time, I can safely say for once that I'll have a cosplay lined up for this year's ***! Hit me up if you see the (possibly brunette) Cloud Strife from Advent Children!
  • May be a dumb question but what are the rules on nerf guns?