16. February 2018 - 21:00
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Trash Emo Night Goes To Victoria! | Lucky Bar, Victoria | Friday, 16. February 2018

Trash Emo Night Returns To Victoria!

After A Sold Out 500+ Person Trash Debut In Victoria We Are Beyond Excited To Take Trash To Lucky Bar, Victoria With Our Friends At HOLY SMOKES & Luxury-ish Productions!

Emo Anthems All Night Long With Vancouver DJs Ester Tóthová & JP Valdes! Post Your Song Requests In The Discussion!
  • 😂
  • ♥️"Can you feel your heartbeat racing?"♥️ Countdown is ON!
  • Brand New Bayside Haste The Day Hawthorne Heights MCR Slipknot ******* Silence BMTH 🖤🖤🖤🖤
  • 💟2 WEEEEEEEKS💟 "You had time to waste and I'm not sorry Such a basket case, hide the cutlery I had time to ****, it's dead and buried You've got guts to spill, but no one trustworthy"
  • 🎶
  • well imagine...
  • ❣️moneen (is a band)❣️
  • Tell me awful things.
  • Underøath Panic! Brand New
  • ☠️ TRASH In Vancouver At Fortune Sound Club Is #TakingBackThursdays Tonight In Chinatown 🏴🖤🏴 Can't Wait To See Everyone In Victoria In February At Lucky Bar, Victoria 🏁
  • c l a s s i c
  • vibes
  • 😤😤😤😤
  • Yesssss! The last one was so fun! And now it’s at Lucky! Double score! 🖤☠️
  • Tight. I’m listening to this right now lol
  • Miz biz Sugar we’re going down - fob **** down - rja Dear Maria - atl Anywhere but here - mayday Miss murder - afi Paperthin hymn - anberlin Seventy x seven - brand new Cute without the e - tbs Say anything Hellogoodbye Summer set Ready set The Maine Simple plan Motion city Saves the day Sunny day real estate My chemical Xxxxxx
  • Git Trash'd!