11. February 2018 - 18:00 till 21:00
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Teachings & Sound with Hwiemtun (Fred Roland) and Tanya Devine | Church of Truth | Sunday, 11. February 2018

Healing is sound and is older than we can imagine, we are thousands of years old and the vibration of music is a part of all of us.

Join us for an evening of Teachings and Songs from Hwiemtun (Fred Roland), followed by a collaborative Sound Bath to awaken deep and ancient feelings within us.
Fred & Tanya will interweave a varitey of instuments together including Drums, Didjeridu, Singing Bowls, Flutes, Gongs, Bull Roarer, Chimes and more to create a Deep Journey of Sound for Mind Body and Spirit

Abput Sound Healing~
Sound Therapy is based on the theory that all life vibrates at various frequencies and specifically the human body has multiple vibrational frequencies that can slip "out of tune" due to emotional or energetic stagnation. Vibrational Healing assists with Harmonizing one's Energy and Clearing of Energetic and Emotional can help dissipate tensions, stress and negative energies stuck anywhere in the body.

Bio~ Hwiemtun (Fred Roland)
Born and raised in Khowutzun (the ‘Warm Land’) by a Coast Salish mother and Hawaiian lineage father, Hwiemtun received many teachings of his Coast Salish culture. Through spending many years with elders of his territory, Hwiemtun learned the cultural and spiritual traditions of his ancestors. During the last 20 years, he has journeyed around the world to explore and share ways of being with elders and healers of many indigenous tribes. Visiting tribes such as the Makushi, Wapashani, Shipibo, and Yanamamo of South America; the Kajikhastani and Hungarian tribes of eastern Europe; and the Humung, Tai Muang, (Thailand) Ainu (Japan) just to name a few, Hwiemtun also visited the elder monks of India, Nepal and Lhasa, Tibet. His journeys were also spent travelling within North America connecting with the Lakota, Cree, Blackfoot, and many tribes within British Columbia. The journeys to date continue to the Mayan in Belize for the opening of the new Mayan Calendar 2012, and continues to travel to visit many tribes globally and teach about Indigenous culture in Europe.

Hwiemtun’s connection to the spirit world, passion for story-telling and love of sharing diverse traditions of indigenous knowledge, has made it possible for him to bridge many worlds. Through sharing the gifts of oral history, music and ceremony, Hwiemtun has become an intercultural teacher and guide, nurturing transformation among many. Spiritually, Hwiemtun is a sweat lodge keeper, following the Lakota teachings, and a follower of Buddhism and spent two years working with the Maitreya Project throughout North America and Asia. He believes that we are all related in one way or another and this helps in achieving knowledge once we learn this clearly.

Hwiemtun has devoted his life to creating partnerships internationally, nationally and locally with organizations, youth programs, treatment centers, spiritual groups and tribes. He conducts presentations, workshops and ceremonies on a regular basis to promote understanding of indigenous ways of knowing. He has build sweat lodges in Germany, Hungary, South America, West Indies, Caribbean, Asia, and through out Canada. There are many other things that could be said about Hwiemtun, however, they can only be expressed in person.

Tanya Devine~
Tanya Devine has been walking her medicine path in complete surrender to the healing vibrations and guidance of the Ancient Spirit of the Didjeridu.
Tanya has carried a ceremonial Didjeridu (Sacral) since 2009, which holds a powerful presence of a male and female serpent, and brings up deep earth energy with an ancient spirit that is felt by all who lay at the receiving end of its medicine. She was gifted 2 more Didjeridus (Root and Heart Chakras) during a return Australian visit in 2015.
Within these years walking the medicine path of Sound, more instruments have come to be a part of the Journey she weaves together, A Steel Tongue Drum, Singing Bowls, A Seal Skin Drum, A Bull Roarer, Chimes and more..

Cost~ Sliding Scale $25-35
Registration and e-transfer Payment to didjeridusoundjourneys@gmail.com

Please bring a Mat, Pillow and Blanket for comfort during the evening