21. April 2018 - 8:15
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Summit at the Bay | Royal Bay Secondary School | Saturday, 21. April 2018

This is an experience you’ve never had before. Summit At The Pier 2.0 brings together you, your friends, and people you’re meeting for the first time for a two-day energy bender of collaborating on passions and ideas with two inspiring speakers Kevin Breel and Earth Group. We do it this way on purpose — and it’s going to rock your world. Your takeaway? Freedom of thinking. Shared ideas. Supercharged connections. And a boatload of good feelings. Between 13 and 19 years old? This party’s for you.


Couldn’t get enough of the food trucks last year? Enjoy lunch on both days with even MORE choice this time around. (How about six? Does six sound about right? Six trucks with, like, wildly different types of food? Yeah. Thought so.) You’ll need food vouchers, though, so don't forget to get them.

Amp your energy with a delicious and nutritious buffet dinner on Saturday night. With a kick-*** menu designed by students of the Royal Bay Secondary Culinary Program, this superfeast is all about youth feeding youth. Of course there will be gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options, are you kidding? This is the time to fuel up for the evening’s entertainment. Cause man, you’re gonna need it. INCLUDED WITH YOUR SUMMIT PASS.


Low battery? Charge it up by joining, spectating, or just chilling on a sofa. We’ve got all kinds of different lounge areas to suit your groove. Dozens of performers and interactive activities create a full-on nighttime festival. Expect improv theatre, interactive digital lighting, DJ live music, magic shows and spoken word poetry. Truth.

Post Summit Mentorship

Why let the excitement end when the Summit ends?
Exclusive to Summit-goers: Bring your ideas to life with additional mentorship and guidance. Capitalize on the lived experience of the brightest and experienced minds our partners have to offer. Your ideas will accelerate and dreams will become reality with topics, such as: pitching your ideas, digital storytelling, Business Model Canvas, financial literacy, even Design Thinking.

We tack 12 sessions worth of post-Summit group sessions onto your ticket.
Use them, young Jedi.

What about the adults?

Well, the only way in is as a facilitator, volunteer or member of our human library. We're all there to support the next generation. If you're a grown up who's interested in volunteering to help make this event happen, you'll be one of the "lucky ones" who'll get to witness the magic as it happens. Register to volunteer here:

  • Wow! What a few months it's been! The Summit at the Bay on April 21 & 22 is shaping up to be even more amazing that we could have thought!! We've brought on even more generous and community-minded partners like Red Barn Market and The Times Colonist to make this an experience that our grade 9-12 students will never forget. Have you ever been to an event that changed the way you saw yourself? Or changed the way you saw the world? This is going to be the first time that occurs for many of these kids. Who doesn't want to be a part of making that happen?!? Do you remember the first time you saw yourself or the world differently? We'd love to hear about it!
  • Hey wonderpeople. It’s us, Rethink Thinking. You know how we’re always thinking around here? Yeah, well, we’re always learning, too. And these last few weeks we’ve done a particularly steep bit of learning that goes like this: Um, you actually need a LOT of time to gather 500 kids into a single location for an entire weekend. A.K.A.: It’s pretty tough to do it in the span of two months. Especially when there’s really only a handful of you . . . and a city full of them. Yeah. So here we are, laying it to you straight: we’re not going to run Summit on November 18 and 19, even though we’ve got supporters at our backs and sponsors at our sides and a wicked venue and lanyards and snacks and speakers and disco lights and a DJ. Because every time we turn around, we meet another kid or parent or teacher or vice-principal who had no idea this conversation was even happening in Victoria, let alone a whole event. And there’s just too much risk that we’re going to miss the kids who will truly flourish as a result of an engaging, inspiring and totally freeing event like Summit. So we’re taking a breath. And we’re pushing it back. Summit at the Bay is moving from the weekend of November 18/19 to April 21/22. We’ll still have all the great experiences we were planning (the food trucks, the programming, the entertainment . . . and the all-holy holi powder throw, natch). And possibly even more! Note: The Village Bash will still happen on Friday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m. and we hope you’ll be there with us! It takes a village to raise a child — and we need our village to help us drive the changes we all want to see. It’s important that the adult community comes together to learn more about Summit, about the change we’re driving, and to meet other big thinkers. Come share the evening with us. In the weeks leading up to our new date for Summit, we’re going to make sure the word goes out to all four corners, and that all the kids are aware. Help us spread the word. Let’s make sure the kids who need it (that’d be all of them, but baby steps) can get in the door. We’ll see you there. Rebecca, Tom and the Rethink Thinking tribe Explore what matters.
  • Man, for a minute I thought you were referring to the Bay Area! Hope all is well and many X’s and O’s your way!
  • We're pretty excited that Bob Ross will be at the Rethink Summit this year. No, wait. He's not coming. But the Interactivity Board Game Cafe is. And they have Bob's "Art of Chill" game. Among other games if you aren't into Bob. But c'mon...who's NOT into Bob Ross? 😉 They'll be all kinds of other things to suit your "Art of Chill" whether you like to dance, sing, take in a magic or improv show, make cool stuff with your hands, take photos, socialize or just hang back and take it all in. We've got it all. Sadly, we don't have Bob though. But you should come anyways.
  • Did you know that The Phatfunks will be performing at the Rethink Summit this year? This ain't your typical high school band! Check them out! Got your tickets yet!?!?
  • I hope to be in Victoria soon, enjoying beautiful events like this <3
  • Do you know what a Registroid or a Pythagorhythm is?!? Well, now that Monkey C Interactive is joining us at Summit at the Bay this year, you'll get to find out!! Got tix yet? Get 'em here! http://rethinkthinking.ca/summit-at-the-bay-2017 Royal Bay Secondary School District 62 Sooke Oak Bay High School Greater Victoria School District School District 63 Saanich Victoria High School Glenlyon Norfolk School Parklands Secondary School Belmont Secondary School Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry
  • Did you know that Warren Hooley is our host for the Summit this year? If you haven't met him yet, you'll want to check him out...only 4 weeks away!!! Get your tickets if you haven't yet! http://rethinkthinking.ca/summit-at-the-bay-2017
  • At Rethink Summit, we are all about #inquiry You might be asking "Why Rethink Thinking?" We've got answers. :) #inquirylearning #explorewhatmatters #yyjyouth #yyjevents
  • Wish we could join the fun this year... but we will be thinking of you guys from over here in Hawaii instead. Enjoy!