19. January 2018 - 18:30

Scarlet Lux in Victoria BC - Sally & Angelina | Harmony Bellydance Studios | Friday, 19. January 2018

Friday, January 19th
Middle Pillar: The Dancer’s Spine

Anatomy, body mechanics, dancer care, and safe movement. This workshop is designed to help
dancers and dance teachers better understand the ins & outs of how the spine works, the
important muscles we use in our dance classes, and how to take care of them before, during, &
after class. About as nerdy as it comes, but oh-so-important for anyone who dances, or teaches
dance. Attendees will need a yoga or pilates mat, and yoga-appropriate clothing.

Satruday, January 20th

10:30-12:30 (Sally)
Dance Movement: Expansion & Precision

This is a workshop for all dancers of all styles! Improve your ability to turn, move across the
floor, dance from a solid centre, and find expansion & precision in your posture & presentation.
The concepts in this workshop stem from contemporary dance movement & conditioning. The
principles we will cover form an essential foundation for powerful movement that will hit the back
row of the theatre!

1:30-3:30 (Sally and Angelina)

Opposition is the key to this workshop! Learn how juxtaposing forces can engage the whole
body in even the smallest movement, improve a dancer’s balance, create space in the dancer’s
posture, direct dramatic energy, and give your dance technique that perfect combination of give/
take, push/pull, hit/melt.

Sunday, January 21st

Golden Ticket: Golden Age Technique & Stylization

Learn how to float like Samia, vamp like Taheya, play like Naima, and flirt like Soheir. The
Golden Age of belly dance in Egypt gave us some of the most engaging personalities in the
dance’s history, and in this workshop we will use movements and combintions that invoke their
charisma, and unlock the secrets of their aesthetic, using classic songs of the era that every
belly dancer should know.

Quantum of Cymbals: Rhythm Focus & Skillful Syncopation
(Sally and Angelina)

This workshop will take skilled finger cymbal players through dexterity-building drills and
patterns, teach tonal cymbal playing, and help dancers develop familiarity with two of our
favourite 8-count rhythms. Learn our specially designed syncopated patterns for these rhythms
while combining your new skills with dangerously delicious movement.


Friday January 19th
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Saturday January 20th *Full Day
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Sunday January 21st *Full Day
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After January 1st 2018 - $85

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