01. February 2018 - 19:00

Olivia Prior : a bench, a curb, & shrubs | The fifty fifty arts collective | Thursday, 01. February 2018

Olivia Prior : a bench, a curb & shrubs
Opening Night: Thursday, February 1st, from 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates: Thursday, February 1st, to Sunday, February 25th

*For a list of current viewing hours please view the fifty fifty's facebook page; for gallery viewers wishing to visit the exhibition at a precise time, please email the fifty fifty to ensure a volunteer is scheduled to host you in the space.*

“a bench, curb, and shrubs” is an interactive show loosely about parks. This show features kinetic sculptural works that mimic playful urges, interactions and motions found in a park. Each work amplifies a subconsciously known signifier from the sculpture’s namesake (a bench, a curb, and shrubs) and aims to make the participant aware of the involuntary reactions to the subtle design affordances as they walk through the gallery space. Through the use of wobbling platforms, the works will try to emulate the sharing of a space on a bench, balancing on the edge of a curb, and the rustling of a group of shrubs. “a bench, curb, and shrubs” brings three experiences often impossible to occur simultaneously, together.

the fifty fifty arts collective is comprised of individuals living and working on unceded and occupied First Nations Territories, specifically the lands of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, as well as the W̱SÁNEĆ, Sc'ianew and T'Souke First Nations.

The programming space itself is situated on Songhees and Esquimalt Territory but engages with individuals and communities across Turtle Island.

As a collective we endeavor to deepen our own understandings of how we are implicated in the history and in the present ongoing project of settler colonialism. As members of the fifty fifty arts collective we continually responsibilize ourselves to the complex kind of space that is the fifty fifty which hosts and facilitates the dissemination of the ideas and work of others.

Accessibility Information:
The entrance to the fifty fifty arts collective is wheelchair accessible, however the door is not automatic and we have no washrooms on site. A more comprehensive statement regarding our accessibility is in progress, specific questions or requests regarding accessibility can be sent to thefiftyfifty@gmail.com