13. February 2018 - 19:30 till 21:00
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Hans Roemer, Bavarian Spring Flowers | Gordon Head United Church | Tuesday, 13. February 2018

Hans Roemer came to Canada in1967 after completing his initial academic qualifications in Germany. His training, occupations and interests encompassed horticulture (Journeyman 1961), Landscape architecture (MSc 1967), Plant Ecology (PhD, 1972, University of Victoria), ecological consulting (1973 –1976 & after 2001), conservation work (ecological reserves and parks,1979 – 2001) and finally rare plant botany after “retirement”.
Hans has been a member of the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society for over 35 years and has led numerous field trips to the mountains of Vancouver Island and northern Washington. He has been a contributor to a recent book on alpine plants of the Pacific Northwest (Pojar & MacKinnon 2013).

Bavarian Spring Flowers: On a 2015 trip to southern Germany Hans Roemer re-visited the spring flowers of his childhood. In just two weeks he was lucky to encounter and photograph nearly the full complement of attractive native plants that flower in the deciduous forest, on dry hillsides and in wet meadows. He even managed to capture the first flush of flowers on alpine pastures. Hans will explain the ecological settings within which these plants occur and have survived through the centuries. Many of the species and genera will be familiar to those who are growing alpine and woodland plants. Others will be of interest as additional members of widespread, garden-worthy plant families.