15. June 2018 - 12:00

The Alchemist Path™ Earth Medicine Retreat | The CorUnum Yurt | Friday, 15. June 2018


Soul Alchemy/ Earth Medicine, Alchemical Transmutation Retreat
As Taught by Dawn Dancing Otter, founder of The Alchemist Path International Academy of Shamanic Arts

June 15-18 2018 at CorUnum Yurt, near Victoria, BC

Contact DOSA@dancingotter.ca for more information

PREREQUISITE: The Alchemist Path, intro to Shamanic Leadership (next opportunities, March 10-11 in Victoria BC, March 17-18 in Nelson BC, April 7-8 in Okotoks AB)
(there are several opportunities to take the prerequisite Level 1 prior to this event, for info, visit )

Investment : $525 + GST for Retreat + $10/night for camping (either staying in the Yurt of bringing your own tent)

This is a camp-in retreat workshop – you will be required to bring a tent and all essential needs such as outdoor clothing, swimsuit, hiking shoes, etc. There will be great opportunities to commune with nature – hikes, yoga, swimming etc.

Participants will be required to eliminate some foods from the diet while on retreat. Prohibited items are: caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, sugar.

This is an essential part of the Alchemist Path Apprenticeship.

This 4-day course includes the following material:

Quantum Transmutation
Soul Alchemy
Elemental Transmutation / Symbolism
Self-purification, connection with others and mirroring
Journeying to Akashic Field
Shamanic Initiation

In addition to the teachings, there is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the bounty of Pachamama.

Early registration is recommended.

contact Dancing Otter Shamanic Arts

email DOSA@dancingotter.ca
  • 3 World Meditation w/DDO
  • What are the benefits of Shamanic spiritual practice?
  • Becoming masterful, at anything, requires initiation. Initiation will stretch you way beyond your known world. You will explore emotions that challenge your self worth, beliefs, sanity...sometimes to the veil of life and death. It is enduring that white-hot initiatory fire when the sword of your purpose is forged. And if you hold yourself there without mercy, to the edges beyond the boundaries of faith, hope, or imagination, you will become masterful in your purpose. You will have begun walking the path of claiming, and continually earning and learning your destiny. Passion is a gift. Mastery is earned. It takes nothing less. Don't give up.
  • We are inundated with marketing that promises to help us strategize our way to a better life. And you totally can. To do so requires a lot of willpower, determination, behavioral identification and re-patterning, programming, and discipline. And with all of that energy, you may manifest your wildest dreams with your internal traumas and wounds still unaddressed. Sometimes strategy creates scaffolding around our emotional quicksand. And just like any unnatural structure, scaffolding will eventually fail. Shamanic practice is about healing and transforming our path into living authentically. There is no strategy or manipulation, you meet yourself on the bridge. You learn to be self-reliant. You earn trustworthiness within yourself. You become the gratitude from which all things are created and put to rest. You become the path.