03. January 2018 - 19:30 till 21:00
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Weekly Stories | The Drive Coffee Bar | Wednesday, 03. January 2018

Vancouver's first weekly storytelling show! Join us weekly for a free 1hr show featuring new and experienced performers with fascinating stories to share! Admission by donation.

Produced by Story Story Lie's Jo Dworschak.

Would you like to share a story? Email storystorylie@gmail.com or come by and sign up.
  • Is this happening tonight?
  • Becki-lynn Brinacombe this too. Get to van already!
  • Like a good story? Check out Oh Man! at Havana's Friday and Saturday night!
  • Note: The name of the show has changes to Weekly Stories, because Story Story Drive was too confusing (not just for the host). Everything else stays the same! Great stories, I'll try to keep one spot open for folks that want to drop in. Just ask if you have any questions!
  • NO SHOW TONIGHT!!!! Back Dec 6th with a new name and branding. Same great stories and friendly cost.
  • Should our Weekly Storytelling Show have themes??
  • Tonight was amazing! Next week we'll be off to prepare for Story Story Lie at the Rio Nov 30th! Back December 6th! Comment here if you'd like to share a story! Would love to have a first timer one! ❤️ Jo
  • Sounds interesting Kayla Nicole!!
  • Amazing Lineup for Nov 22nd! Eric Fell, Jonathan Gagnon, Kia Rae, Anne Honey, Ryan Gunther and Richard Glen Lett. All magnificent seasoned performers giving Storytelling a try. Show starts 7:30pm, admission by donation The Drive Coffee Bar.
  • Tonight! 7:30 we have stories by Gerald Williams, Jo Dworschak, Melanie Rose, and more! The Drive Coffee Bar
  • This week we have stories by host Jo Dworschak, writer Malcolm Van Delst, comedian Mark Hughes, improvisor Tunji Taylor-Lewis, TJ Mair and newcomer Helena Glackin. Free Show The Drive Coffee Bar
  • This Wednesday we have Emma Cooper, Matt Loeb, Ashleigh ML, Luis Mina and Anjie Mittlehortz. Start the month off right! Free show The Drive Coffee Bar!
  • Wednesday Night we have Jennifer Ashley, Paddy Forde, Linda Lawson, Jim Sands and Cory Thibert. Hosted by Anne Honey Show starts at 7:30, Free! Always a lovely evening The Drive Coffee Bar
  • This weeks line up! Director Gerald Williams, Fringe Performer Megan Phillips, Improvisor/Wrestler Randy Myers, Van Story Slam Finalist Mike Funergy, Storyteller Ally Baharoon and Comedian James Hammond Show starts at 7:30 ends at 8:30 and there is no charge!!! The Drive Coffee Bar
  • It's come to my attention that I shouldn't talk negatively about my dog Jada on stage, even if it's true and she isn't there. So this is Jada! She's a good dog, that would rather stay on the couch 24/7 then tour the world with me. I love her anyway ❤️👍🐶
  • Tonight Jo Dworschak will be sharing the most incredible story about a date that was too honest! You won't believe it and you will have a lot of questions!
  • This Wednesday we have Andy Canete, Malcolm Van Delst, Jo Dworschak, Anjie Mittelholtz, Anne Honey and Kevin Kokoska. Show starts at 7:30 Sharp and goes for just 1hr! FREE! The Drive Coffee Bar and you get a chance to win tickets to the next Story Story Lie at The Rio!
  • One spot just opened up! If you'd like to share a story comment below or dm Jo Dworschak
  • This weeks storytellers: Simon King, Jo Dworschak, Ally Baharoon, Garett Moran, Anne Honeycutt and Owen Thomas. Wednesday 7:30pm sharp! The Drive Coffee Bar No charge for admission! Don't miss out!