09. June 2017 - 13:00
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Vancouver Full Moon Beach Party - eXaDiCt Return to Innocence | Second Beach | Friday, 09. June 2017

This year's event brought to you by GroundZero afterhours
Support this event and come to one of their many fundraisers:

invite all your friends, 100% public event

With quite a few more people on board this year...

We are planning something different and new and hella fun.

Depending on the amount of people who show interest in this event will help determine the most suitable venue location for this yearly event.

Year after year we have this event and few seem to read these descriptions,then complain that it never happened or they couldnt find it, even thought every single time I have planned one of these since back in 2010 i have posted that you will require an FM radio/boombox/car stereo and we also post an FM radio station where the DJ is streaming live.

Take the time to read this.
i have only missed one of these in 7 years. They definetly happen....lol

There is another party May long weekend where we will be testing out a new location which will involve some travelling, but will offer camping, swimming, all day and all night entertainment and more.

Will keep this as up to date as possible
  • party got cancelled? Where's everyone partying?
  • If you guys want to party still, we got amps at Olympic village park area
  • This was fun! Thanks for organizing!! ❤🎶🌙
  • How is the event? Tell me please
  • Well if ya all had fun then add me and you will find out about more wicked party's 😜
  • Is party on? Friday and this city is dead.. is there any people know where to party even? lol
  • Still happening?
  • Feels like this "party" was a plug for the after hours
  • Studio nightclub is the official after party of the full moon party. Come down and say you're from the full moon party and get free cover until 12. $14 cover after 12:00.
  • What's the verdict people. Is it worth the hour trip there?
  • No music, no fundraising, sunset is still spectacular. The "party" feels like a silent retreat in a cloister...
  • Fake or what?😒
  • Where is the party? I'm in second beach
  • Were are you ? I was at second beach did´nt see you
  • We need an upgrade. Anyone got speakers? Hook us up!
  • More ghettos and battery's please
  • we are here but a little quiet so far... whose coming?!
  • Joy your full Moon
  • Getting ready for the party!
  • Here chillen on the left side of the beach facing the water, we got a radio come chill
  • Em Eff
  • We are here!
  • So... who is already there ??? Nobody post anything... interesting 🤔
  • The DJ booth is set up at the unused consession stand near the playground. People showing up. Bring a cell with radio capabilities and portable speakers and this place will be hopping.
  • Chase Plante