13. December 2017 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Vancouver Convention Center | Vancouver, British Columbia | Wednesday, 13. December 2017

Join Hillary Rodham Clinton as she travels the United States this fall. She’ll connect with audiences with a story that’s personal, raw, detailed and surprisingly funny. She’ll take you with her on her journey and talk about What Happened, what’s next, and what’s on your mind.

What you’ll see will be her story – Live. Her story of resilience, how to get back up after a loss, and how we can all look ahead.

It’s about Hillary’s experience as a woman in politics – she lets loose on this topic, and others, in a way she never has before.
  • Selling two tickets! Message me!
  • Confused. Says doors open at 09:15 and ticket says event starts at 11:00. So why does this Facebook event say it is from 19:00-22:00 PST?
  • People should be attaching these people in power not innocent people for no reason.
  • She should be in prison. **** Hilary Clinton that dirty ***** and her **** whole child molesting husband they should both be in prison.
  • Does anybody have 2 tickets left for sale?
  • The only politician WORSE than Trump! If you are giving this piece of feces any money you are an *******.
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  • It's CENTRE not CENTER
  • Selling two silver section general admission tickets!
  • Does anyone know where to get a last minute ticket? Or of someone that is selling theirs?! Thanks!
  • Is this also funded by Saudi Arabia?
  • Dear MY beloved,I ask you To pray with Me, To receive Jesus IN Your heart today without delay, Father I understand what happened To YOU 2000 years ago,Father I would not BE like those people who were mean and unkind To YOU, I would stand IN Front OF YOU and shield YOU from Harm and fight for Your life,For You did not Do NO Wrong To anyone, Father I would not allow YOUR death Be IN Vain,I stand with YOU today,and I live for YOU today,and I receive YOUR Victory and Eternal Life。 IN Jesus Name I pray Amen。Keep praying until you really get IT and PLease copy and paste and share with everyone you Know。Thank God for President Trump。。 Keep Up the Good fight。
  • So excited!!!!!
  • No show.
  • Makes sense, Vancouver loves it's criminals..
  • LOL
  • will there be gluten free options?
  • Coming to this in my Pepe shirt.
  • **** Russians! I will never forgive them! You will always be Madame President in my heart, Hilldawg! #ItWasTheRussians #MadamePresident #WhereIsWisconsin
  • Tenzin Jigme Sherpa Dude, you should totally go to this event.
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  • Pray with me everyday to ban Hillary and Obama public speaking for their criminal behaviors, very bad for our children. Pray that they will go to Middle East fight for Christians, women and children and speak up and fight for us. IN Jesus Name.
  • One thing you will conclude after reading this book which is that Hillary Rodham Clinton is crooked. She's so delusional, doesn't have an argument, she will run for president again, guaranteed. she still attacking Bernie Sanders omg ! And adopted an attitude of blaming everyone for her loss.