22. January 2018 - 8:00
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VanCityAcro Teacher Training January 2018 | Vancouver, British Columbia | Monday, 22. January 2018

VanCityAcro Teacher Training

Have you been training AcroYoga and looking to take your practice to the next level? Are you ready to invest in your next evolution as an AcroYoga Teacher?

Then join us this January in Vancouver, B.C for a program that is the first of its kind. Fully certified and covered under the Yoga Alliance, this means that our program has met the highest standards and expectations in our field. Over a decade of experience has formed this school, and we are thrilled to now share our teachings and knowledge with you.

January 22 - February 2, 2018
10 days, 80 hours:
Monday-Friday 8 AM - 4:30 PM

Cost: $1250
No taxes - Includes 1 VanCityAcro Manual


This training is intentionally designed for an intimate experience so that each student receives plenty of 1-on-1 time with the instructors. This means our capacity is kept at 20 students per training. Due to the limited availability, please contact us ASAP to secure your spot in the next program, as the programs fill up well in advance.

​We look forward to working and playing with you to upgrade your skills and support you in your AcroYoga journey.

For more information on the training and how to begin your application process head over to our website:

  • Anyone attending this teacher training looking to share accommodations or for those of you who live in Vancouver do you have a spare room i could rent?
  • 1 SPOTS LEFT We are now officially just 3 weeks out from the next VCA AYTT! If you’ve been on the fence, now is the perfect time to reach out, ask any questions you have, and make the leap. Make the investment into yourself - into your teaching ability, Acro prowess, and all-around personal development. The premise of this program is unique in that we aim to not only make it accessible to all that are interested, but we make the program more comprehensive than solely AcroYoga. There are components of strength and flexibility conditioning, multi-disciplinary movement, and community communication practices. All of these weave in to make you a more well-rounded Acro practitioner and/or teacher, depending on your trajectory. Save the last spot now and see how this shifts things in your Acro experience! https://vancityacro.com/vancouver-teacher-training
  • 2 SPOTS LEFT In 1 month from now we are embarking on another adventure with 20 other future AcroYoga Teachers, we come from all over the world to join forces and learn together the secret of not only how to become better practitioners but more importantly we will learn how to be better space holders, so this practice can spread and grow in to your communities and those still waiting for the seed to be planted. Sight up today, grab the last 2 spots and join the VanCityAcro Tribe. https://vancityacro.com/vancouver-teacher-training/ See you in January! Devon-Millissa -Slava
  • I wish Vancouver is a city in Malaysia 😜
  • Last year's training was one of the most exciting things I have ever done!! if you are on the fence - get off and do it!
  • I am unable to make this session, but could you keep us in the loop for future dates?
  • 5 SPOTS LEFT ACROYOGA TEACHER TRAINING We’re less than two months out from our next AcroYoga Teacher Training, happening in our home city of Vancouver, Canada! The VCA AYTT happens only twice a year, so if you’re interested in gaining a greater understanding of this practice then this is your time to hop on it! There’s only 5 spots left, and we tend to see that pattern of most people scooping up their tickets in this window of time. We have designed this program to give our students (teachers-to-be!) the most value possible for the most accessible price point. If you’ve been practicing AcroYoga, this is a great opportunity to invest in your future. Getting your AYTT in Vancouver, specifically, will: develop your personal practice, giving you more ability to try new things and keep your practice fresh & evolving gain you recognition as a certified teacher of the practice, allowing you to support yourself doing what you love give you “permission” to play! - to take some time off of the daily grind, and treat yourself to new experiences, new friendships, and new skills. Our program has met the highest standards in its field with full coverage and certifications under the Canadian Yoga Alliance. Over a decade of experience has formed the knowledge base of this school. This training is capped at 20 students so that each student receives plenty of 1-on-1 instruction as well as personal teaching opportunity. We encourage you to secure your spot now, as only 5 spots remain! This training will be 10 full days of intensive training and teaching practice. We look forward to working with you to upgrade your skills and support you in your AcroYoga journey. To register visit: https://vancityacro.com/vancouver-teacher-training/
  • Any suggestions for places to stay during the training?
  • This looks awesome.
  • My first Year In Vancouver has been amazing and the next year looks pretty fanatic with some super awesome things happening! I am stoked to share that I will be co-teaching the VanCityAcro Teacher Training January 2018 with Devon French and Slava Goloubov! I love teaching, knowledge sharing and building community so this is just so perfect! This TT focuses on building strength through conditioning, breaking down class plans, co-teaching, understanding of core poses and transitions AND of course creative process!!!! I'll just say I am stoked to encourage others who have the passion and desire to share what they love! If you have any questions about this TT and if its the one for you please feel free to reach out!
  • One of the most beautiful aspects of AcroYoga is its ability to connect us to a sense of community. In a day and age where this experience is severely lacking for the majority of us, many people find solace in practices that strengthen our bonds to others on common ground. AcroYoga is unique in that not only do we form a community that shares inspiration and ideals, but we are able to forge bonds across widely-varied lifestyles, backgrounds, ideas, you name it - and come together in the purity of play. Play - another aspect of humanity that is severely underdeveloped these days. AcroYoga hits on both of these vital components at once. And this might be why you feel drawn to this practice - even if it’s never been articulate in that way before. It’s this inherent, underlying yearning we all share - to taste freedom, meaningful connection, and exploration. Acro provides us a safe space to do all of this together. www.vancityacro.com
  • MEET YOUR TEACHERS: Slava Goloubov has been practicing AcroYoga for 5 years, in addition to countless other disciplines including Hand-to-Hand and Circus Arts, Martial Arts, Yoga, and more. Slava has devoted himself wholeheartedly to pursuing the path of movement exploration. He teaches full-time around the city of Vancouver out of local gyms, studios, & his own private studio. Slava has taught thousands of students internationally in his classes, private training sessions, retreats, & teacher trainings. Aside from co-owning and operating VanCityAcro as a business and university, Slava runs his own self-titled brand, keeping him in movement full-time. When he is not teaching his students, he is investing in his own personal development and skill acquisition to be sure to bring the most cutting-edge information, techniques, & innovations back to his classes. Devon French As it’s Co-Founder, Devon French has been with VanCityAcro since its inception 5 years ago. Devon is also a certified personal trainer, & Hatha Yoga teacher, though he has always made AcroYoga a priority above his countless other disciplines of study and delivery. Much like Slava, Devon has trained in myriad movement modalities, including ballet, circus, martial arts, & dance. This integrative approach is one of the reasons that Slava and Devon work so well together. Devon’s role as a father to his son Dash also informs his understanding of the value of community, and of creating a “safe space” for individuals to gather, grow, and explore themselves and their connections. Devon’s warmth and approachability, coupled with his years of experience, makes him a highly sought-after teacher by many in the local Vancouver community. THE ORIGINS Devon and Slava met at Prana College while completing their Yoga Teacher Training (YTT.) They stumbled upon AcroYoga in their time together there. At the time, it was hardly known and practiced even less locally. The two friends spent countless hours laughing, playing, (falling!) – and little did they know what was to come of all of that time. The rest, is history, as they say. Reflecting upon the evolution of VanCityAcro professionally, and ourselves personally, over the last five years has been deeply insightful. So much time has passed, and yet it feels like the blink of an eye. Because this practice has been very much “play” rather than “work”, even though that’s exactly what it has demanded – practice, and what many would consider hard work – we have had nothing but fun the whole way. This has shown us what is possible when you enjoy the journey – when the process is just as important as the progress. www.vancityacro.com
  • And of course, we would be remiss if we didn't give an ode to one of the cornerstones of AcroYoga, Yoga itself. Developing ourselves as individuals is just as vital as our partner play. When we refine our skills on the ground and on our own, we bring a more complete portion of the equation to anyone we partner with. We will train foundational conditioning, strength, flexibility, and mobility drills to temper our AcroYoga-specific regimen. This will be a perfect compliment to the practice and of course, will transfer to your general movement capacities. These will be takeaways for you to immerse yourself in during the program and integrate after into your own home practice. www.vancityacro.com
  • We are all teachers, every day. Someone asks for directions or you help someone else out in the kitchen. Some of our participants enter into the program with the clear vision of becoming AcroYoga teachers as their vocation. Others enter into this intense period of study and practice simply to further their own personal practice. All reasons are, of course, perfectly welcome. Whichever is yours, learning the skills to be a teacher will transfer to all areas of your life, whatever you decide to do with this particular training focus. Becoming better teachers allows us to also become better partners, parents, friends, co-workers - whatever roles we find ourselves in. Understanding clear communication and finding useful tools for connection will be relevant to any relationships and environments. We call it “Teacher Training” but you could just as well coin it “personal development” or a number of other appropriate titles. www.vancityacro.com
  • These 12 days will demand your determination and persistent application. Our pre-requisites are the bare minimum and we will expect you to exceed them so that we can progress to our group's greatest potential. If we each show up fully present and ready to dive deep, we can really leverage our time together and cover the most ground possible. We have designed a well-rounded curriculum for this training that will cover the following: - Flexibility via training splits, etc. - Inversions via hand-balancing, etc. - Conditioning via solo/partner core exercises, etc. - Washing machines - Static poses Along with plenty of teaching time so that you really get real-time experience curating the container for groups of people and all of the dynamics at play in such situations. Not only will you become stronger practitioners through this program, but you will become strong leaders. www.vancityacro.com
  • We can't say it enough: working together truly takes us where we couldn't go alone. It is in our nature - our DNA - to exist in community, to work together. Many of us have never truly known "community" in the traditional sense since the advent of modern society. That is why practices that give us a taste of connection and community are so vital, now more than ever. AcroYoga has been one such profound and potent practice for us personally. We can give each other just the nudge we need to spread our wings and fly. Sometimes we can see each other's potential better than we can see our own. That's the beauty of camaraderie - we can lift each other up and grow stronger together, and independently, for it. We can't think of a richer way to spend our days than helping to facilitate such practices. It's so rewarding to see more people step into a space of empowerment and deepened connection. So much opens up and we find a quality of life we before didn't even know was possible. Are you interested to facilitate such experiences for others? Join us along the journey to learn what it takes to hold the space for such powerful revelations and transformations. www.vancityacro.com
  • Become part of the global AcroYoga community. Join 19 of your future co-teachers in our upcoming Teacher Training program in May. Learn how to hold space for classes and become equipped with the necessary tools for success in this industry. You will become not only a great acrobat, but more importantly, an inspirational leader.
  • This fun video shows what can be created in a space of trust and playfulness. Flow happens when the foundation of a partnership is built strongly with a dedication to learning the basics so well that you could do them in your sleep. One of our main focus points during the training will be creating flow together. We do this by really working hard on the basics to become very familiar with the shapes and transitions that would be in a flow like this one. Big thank you to Coral Crawford of the Island Circus Space for the countless hours spent playing and creating :)
  • Student from the inaugural VCA Teacher Training Tara Koenig shares a bit about her experience over our 10 days together. Tara shares the lessons she learned about vulnerability and courage, mental fortitude, and community. And we can agree, the world needs more cuddle puddles ;)
  • Physical disciplines are just that, the development of discipline. But they aren't just physical. As we make our bodies strong, so do we make our minds. This is not a choice - we lose our capacity or will to do this, and we fall behind. Thusly, the pace of our physical development is matched by the willpower, mental flexibility, & creative capacities we cultivate by engaging these practices that demand new levels of innovation, integrity, & introspection. Prepare to leave our time together a more well-rounded human, not just mover- and to see the impacts of this unfold for much time to come.