16. May 2018 - 11:00

Slayer Final Tour | Vancouver Forum | Wednesday, 16. May 2018

Slayer a once in a lifetime legendary band from the 80's is doing their final tour! And they're bringing out the big guns for this final send off! Event starts at 4PM
  • Selling two tickets
  • I take it both shows are all sold out?
  • Starts at 5 and goes till when? Interesting to see how long the sets are.
  • Hi everyone desperate for 2 tix Anyone that can't make the show or got extras This guy here is looking
  • Parker Hohn
  • Didn't get in time. Anyone have an extra ticket or 2 let me know.
  • Only vip tickets left
  • Can't believe it hasn't sold out!
  • Is it only general admission?
  • Use code THETOUR and you can get tickets now.
  • Are you ready to scream Robin Monette
  • http://ticketleader.ca/events/slayer?c=EML_LN_2067747&camefrom=EMLN_2067747
  • hmmm, is there a promocode somewhere on this page? can't seem to find it
  • Here is the acutal facebook event straight from Slayers FB page, it looks like the event starts at 4PM. https://www.facebook.com/events/2081120305452159/?active_tab=discussion
  • Paul this seems up your alley, no?
  • this on my bday
  • Fuckin yup
  • Fuckin yup
  • Leif Johnson
  • Anthony H Jordan Jongema
  • Kristi Deranger Shar Starr
  • Darcy Lipscombe
  • Heads up this isnt the "Offical" facebook event, just made this for people to know what day, and where its going down, along with where to find tickets to this event. I'm sure they'll make some " offical" facebook event soon enough that provides more information!
  • Ticket info if anyone is wondering https://www.slayer.net/