28. April 2018 - 21:00
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Sin City Fetish Night at Club 23 West | Hindenburg | Saturday, 28. April 2018



She's a little rough around the edges now, and though we've moved on to our spectacular new home at the Odyssey, Club 23 West is where Sin City was born, thrived and came to define the ****** club party scene in Vancouver as our home for the better part of nearly 15 years. She's still very near and dear to our heart! Join us as we return to our old location for our one and only party there this year ... we're reactivating all the customizations we made to the venue over the course of our tenure there. Just some of the fun elements of the party :

- full size dungeon room
- rope & suspension Kink Corral play area
- on stage spanking bench & high rigging point
- on stage dancing & dance cages
- photo booth
- immersive multi-screen ****** visuals


Doors 9 PM, party to 3 AM

Discounted entry for Newsletter Subscribers
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Sin City loves everybody, and no matter who you are, what age, orientation or body type you are, you will feel comfortable joining in our kinky crowd, which is a big extended family and community of like-minded kinksters!



Plain jeans, plain cargo pants, plain briefs or boxers, plain t-shirts, plain suits or plain work wear. Absolutely no street or casual wear! Lower bits must be covered with a minimum of a g-string or similar attire!


Includes but is certainly not limited to - vinyl, pvc, leather, rubber, bondage, straps, chaps, ****** goth, cyber, military, ****** fantasy, medical, uniform, armour, drag / cross-dress, body paint, lingerie, kilt, puppy & pony play, glitterslut, genderfuck, or any other risque kinky creation your perverted little mind can dream up!


Every attendee at Sin City adds to the party in some way with their creative effort, making it an amosphere of collective community kinky sexiness. The party starts before you leave the house! Trust us, the effort is worth it. Sin City is a home where people can take the masks off that they wear all week and transform themselves into their true pervy persona in safety, in an appreciative and fun environment. For full details on the dress code, please visit our website at :




High energy social atmosphere from beginning to end.

Absolutely zero unauthorized photography. This party is off the grid so you can fully express your wildest sexual persona in safety.



Sin City provides several play areas with different vibes for every level and comfort zone for play. There is a full size dungeon play area monitored by the Vancouver DM Team, a dedicated rope play area hosted by Rascal_21, as well as satellite play areas more integrated into the main social & hangout areas of the venue. All spaces are stocked with sturdy, padded furniture lovingly constructed by our friends at Black & Blue Dungeon Furniture, and are places where we encourage you to get naughty with a consenting pervy play partner!


All attendees are expected to respect one another and party hard, but party safely. Poor behaviour of any kind is not tolerated and will result in ejection from the event and a possible ban from future events. Absolutely no unwanted, inappropriate or unasked for touching of any kind is permitted without prior, clear and verbal consent given. If you are unsure, ALWAYS ask FIRST! Only a clear and continued 'YES' indicates consent. And if someone is asking, there is never any shame in saying 'no thanks' and moving on. All attendees are expected to be aware of and graciously accept a 'NO' statement or vibe if one is given. If there are ever any issues (which are thankfully few and far between), our Sin City and venue staff are always at hand and accessible for you to bring any concerns to, which will be dealt with promptly, professionally and anonymously on your behalf.



Producers of quality community kink events for over 16 years, Restricted Entertainment is the team behind Sin City, Spank, Vancouver ****** Weekend and many other events over the years.


Please visit our website at :

Or email Isaac T, the organizer at : pandemonium@netrover.com
  • It's been CRAZY at Restricted Entertainment HQ gearing up for Vancouver ****** Weekend 2017 in a few weeks, but FINALLY, here is the gallery from the Sin City Club 23 West Reunion party back in April! Huge thank yous to our photo booth host Michael R. Barrick from Gothic BC, for this phenomenal gallery which beautifully highlights the spirit of all our Sin City events! Once a year we hold a special party where everyone returns to our very first home, Club 23 West, now called The Hindenburg. She’s a little rough around the edges for hosting a ****** event these days and it takes a lot to gear the venue up for a ****** event, but the party there is always amazing, and it always brings back a flood of memories for many long term attendees, and for newcomers, it’s a great chance to see how it all began way back in 2001, almost two decades ago! Sin City ****** Night at its heart is simply a gathering of like-minded kinksters celebrating each others freedom, inner and outer beauty, in a safe, fun and inspiring atmosphere where sexual self-expression is encouraged! This gallery really shows how many friends and different social circles all come together for the night, young and old, every personality, style preference and body type out there, all radiating happiness at being able to drop their ‘muggle world masks’, be free and cut loose for the night. Just look at all these **** people feeling and looking great! <3 Isaac T / DJ Pandemonium
  • Hey everyone! We've bumped the event listing forward to the date of our next party, but rest assured, the party is TONIGHT, April 22 at Club 23 West!
  • hey, guess this is a good place to ask. any outlets in the 23 dungeon to plug in a violet wand?
  • Turns out I can't go after all :( Any chance of a refund/ability to transfer tickets?
  • TODAY IS Evilyn13's BIRTHDAY! That girl works HARD as a rep for the Vancouver alternative / ****** / pin-up community, and we love her to pieces for it! If you would maybe be interested in showing her a little love back, we're organizing a group gift to help set her up with a photo shoot with Dollhouse Photography in the UK, and any size gift or donation would be hugely appreciated! Even small shows of appreciation add up! We're taking donations at Sin City tonight at Club 23 West, and preparing a card which people can sign, to which we'll be adding everyone's names who donated online! THANK YOU in advance to anyone who is able to help! Any size donation or gift accepted on her behalf via PAYPAL at : pandemonium@netrover.com
  • Here's a new music mix to get you bouncing into Saturday! Did you know I started out in 1996 as a rockabilly / surf / swing DJ? Aimed square at the dance floor, here's a continuous mix of over an hour of electro-swing, nu jazz and beyond funky house tracks infused with bad-*** big band bounce. Please re-share!
  • 3 more sleeps until Sin City ****** Night returns to Club 23 West for just one night only! 3 levels of pervy partying, 2 rooms of DJs & dancing, ****** dress code, kinky play areas, upper level outside patio, private fenced front hangout area, and more more more! Photo by Dark Edge Media and Mz Shank, always seeking the alternative. Get front of the line tickets : www.getsintix.com RSVP : www.facebook.com/events/1673687892898751/
  • I can't see how to get the $2 discount on online tickets ... I also haven't seen the newsletter with the discount yet (it's not in the email "April 22 - Sin City returns to Club 23 West for one night only!")
  • This Saturday, Sin City ****** Night has a very special party brewing. We return to our original venue and home for almost 15 years for one epic party at the infamous Club 23 West, one night only! A HUGE amount of work is going into this party, turning the venue into a multi-level, multi-room ****** playground. And of course one of the hottest spots is always the main room dancefloor, stage dance & play area, complete with custom built dance cages, where it always gets EXTRA naughty! Grab your front of the line tickets either in store at Deadly Couture or online at the link below! Get tickets : www.getsintix.com RSVP : www.facebook.com/events/1673687892898751/
  • Sin City ****** Night at Club 23 West equals some crazy kinky party energy. Join the celebration as we return to our original venue of 15 years for just one night only in one weeks time! Front of the line tickets : www.ticketfly.com/event/1470428 RSVP : www.facebook.com/events/1673687892898751/
  • We will be in town for Lube Lucha 8 that day so of course we will be there to party at night!!! Cant wait to see all you **** kids again. ***
  • Of course I can't.... like kinda doing something else!
  • Is Rubberfest still planned for April 22? If so, when will tickets be available?
  • After a summer of no clubs, it was so fun and yummy to make it to Rubber Ball last night, see a lot of wonderful energy AND bonus that it was Marty's DIRTY 30 to top it off. The smandsome one definitely kept lips hydrated with his delicious cocktails! So at the risk of sounding silly I am trying to find some **** latex erotica or **** videos. Tasteful , focused on the latex, **** and not just one video? Is there a site? Thanks for letting me share 💋
  • Last night was so much fun. And great music. Sin City parties are always fun!
  • Looks like a great show
  • Don't worry about the date change, the party is definitely TONIGHT, Saturday October 8!
  • DEATILS FOR TONIGHT! It's our last ****** party before Halloween is upon us! Read on for party details! GET TICKETS : www.ticketzone.com/event/2518/sin-city-rubber-ball RSVP : www.facebook.com/events/1673687892898751/ Every 3 months, Sin City stages a party that's a little more intimate with a whole lot of exxxxtra kink, all centered around our long-standing love affair with latex & rubber - our RUBBERFEST ****** Ball! No photos allowed, no photo booth, no roaming photographers, so you can party in true sexual creative freedom off the grid. All attendees must not only adhere to Sin's well-known and consistently enforced ****** dress code - NO PLAIN CLOTHES PERMITTED WHATSOEVER - but also must wear one piece of rubber or latex attire! PVC is OK too. Can be just a small accessory added to your outfit such as gloves, suspenders etc, it can be a very small rubber outfit, right up to full head to toe latex enclosures or catsuits. But rubber is a MUST at this party! The vibe is second to none in Vancouver, and truly feels more like being at an underground kink party in Europe. Just some of the goodies at this party : • All electronic dancefloor vibes all night • Resident DJ Pandemonium w/ guest Unicode (Cuffed/Noir) • Undetground (literally) SOP / ***-positive venue • Full licensed bar • Extreme rubber visuals • Latex vacuum bed, hosted by Zemekiss • Latex vacuum tower, hosted by Vancouver Rubbermen • Padded bondage & spanking bench • *** swing • Dungeon & kink play areas • Chill social areas • Custom built dance cages & stages • Extra sound & lighting installations • Shine station w/ complimentary lube for latex touch-ups • and more more more! * Note - while the venue is SOP and ***-positive, all play generally happens at the back of the club or in the 'kink corridor' ... this is an added bonus element to our Sin City parties, and does not take over the venue but rather adds to it, with the same fun & relaxed vibe which attendees can expect from all Sin parties! There is PLENTY of space on the dancefloor and in the social areas which are separate from the play areas. Even if you are a newcomer - whatever your level of kink comfort zone is - you will find a place to get your pervy party on and feel at home! Advance tickets are still on sale until 6 PM tonight. After that, they are still available at the door, but of course they are a few more $, so why not save some dough, yo? We have over 100 advance sales, and if you know the venue, you know it is quite intimate and fills up fast, so we are expecting a great vibe tonight with a full house of Sinners! Hope to see you there! ~ Isaac T / Restricted Entertainment
  • One more sleep!!
  • We are looking for two more volunteers who would like to join the Sin City Shine Team and be part of the RUBBERFEST magic at Club 8x6 tomorrow / Saturday night! Please shoot me a personal message, or reply here if you are interested in volunteering! Courtesy of Deadly Couture, we are able to offer free latex lube shine to latex-loving attendees at our shine station. Volunteers host the shine station for one hour (your pick of 10-11, 11-12, or 12-1, first come first pick for shifts), and will be ready to help oil up the latex wear of any attendees who might need a touch up for that extra shine! All volunteers receive guest list for themselves and a friend to the event in exchange for joining the team for the night!
  • Is this still happening? All the info including the pinned post are old and referencing the old event...
  • Is there a coupon code for Rubber ball event?
  • Game on! Time for some hard core fun - here be the official poster artwork for the next Sin City ****** Night party! Always love doing these old school two colour designs .... hawtness! Tickets at : www.rubberfest.com RSVP & info : www.facebook.com/events/1673687892898751/
  • So...****...Excited >^_^<
  • Sharp eyes will notice we advanced the date as a placeholder for the next RUBBER BALL, but rest assured the party is TONIGHT, July 9, 2016!