10. January 2018 - 20:00
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Russian Tim presents Punk Rock Wednesdays at The Cobalt | The Cobalt | Wednesday, 10. January 2018

Rocket From Russia and Good Company Lager present:


Hello Hello Hello!
I decided to celebrate the begging of 2018 with a concert series which glorifies amazing local scene which we have in this town! For the Month of January there will shows every Wednesday @ The Cobalt and those shows will feature very great local bands! Almost like Rocket From Russia FEST, but spreaded over a month.

I get it, its Wednesday and some people have to work next day. So we'll do three bands per night and music approximately from 9-11pm so you can finish early and be fresh for your beautiful employment next day.


January 10th
The Greatest Sons
Dead End Drive-In

January 17th
The Corps
Stranded Hikers

January 24th
Jesse LeBourdais
Corner Boys
The Dead Hits

January 31st
YOU BIG *****
Russian Tim and Pavel Bures

Tickets = $10 per night
Monthly Pass = $30 -
[great Christmas present]

Doors at 8pm. 19+

The Cobalt
917 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 2V8
  • Thanks to everyone who came out last night! Its unbelievable that local bands can draw so many people on a Wednesday night in January! Thank you for supporting GREAT local music! Next week its The Dead Hits, Corner Boys, Indications and Jesse LeBourdais is doing a special cover set campfire style! Music 830-11pm!
  • Spencer Shea !!!
  • Intergalactic Interview with Dan Garrison of The Corps and The Real McKenzies!
  • Night №2 is tonight! Here are the set times: 09:00 - 09:30 Stranded Hikers Punk Rock 09:45 - 10:15 Uptights 10:30 - 11:00 The Corps
  • Preview of Night №2 in the new episode of Rocket From Russia! And of course it features superhits by The Corps, Uptights and Stranded Hikers Punk Rock!
  • Stranded Hikers Punk Rock are opening the show tomorrow. Their line up features Paul from Contra Code and Julia & Sergei from Russian Tim and Pavel Bures! They just have a jam space demo so far! Check it out! Home is a hit!
  • Check out this song by Uptights! It is such a great hit!!!
  • I created a Spotify playlist which features bands which are playing this concert series! Good way to get excited for the upcoming shows! The playlist is on fire, just the hits!!!
  • Heyy so as I am going to be playing solo, I am going to try something new. I'm thinking my set will be all request/covers! I'm already working on a few classic NOFX jams for Tim but if anyone has any requests for songs I could play (covers or no), post up here! Beyonce requests will get you banned from the show so don't even try.
  • Not sure if everyone is aware, but the music at this concert series is 9pm to 11pm. It's a weekday and we understand that lots of people have to wake up early next day. Last night Dead End Drive-In started at 9:05pm and The Greatest Sons finished playing "22nd street" at 11:07pm. Kinda like Tuesday movie nights, which usually end around 11pm. People go to movies during the week, let's switch it up for the month of January and go to see local bands play during the week instead! You'll catch up on all the movies in the rest of the year. And if you miss any of those films I'll hook you up with a Russian piracy torrent tracker which has EVERYTHING!!!! P.S. For 4-band shows we will start at 8:30pm and will still aim to finish at 11pm.
  • Thanks for everyone who came out to Night #1! It was great! Thanks for supporting local music and great turnout! Night #2 features The Corps, Uptights and Stranded Hikers!
  • We begin Punk Wednesdays! Dead End Drive-In is killing it!!
  • Night №1 is TONIGHT! All three bands will play some new songs along with their massive superhits! I heard Aanthems might even play "Mickey Mickey"! What a time to be happy!
  • Aanthems are playing tomorrow with Dead End Drive-In and The Greatest Sons! This is their second best song!
  • Check out my preview of Punk Rock Wednesdays in the new episode of Rocket From Russia! Songs by all bands playing the series!
  • Alright this is exciting! Night №1 is this week and it features The Greatest Sons, Aanthems and Dead End Drive-In!
  • Preview of Punk Rock Wednesdays at The Cobalt on Rocket From Russia right NOW! Playing some The Greatest Sons and Aanthems as we speak! Live on CiTR Radio 101.9FM / citr.ca!
  • Tomorrow on Rocket From Russia a preview of this concert series! Just the superhits by bands playing these legendary Punk Rock Wednesdays at The Cobalt! Live on CiTR Radio 101.9FM / citr.ca at 10am!
  • I’m in!
  • Stoked
  • sounds cool! disappointed to see the lack of female fronted representation on the bill though. maybe this could be a focus for whenever the next series is? or maybe we should plan it Lauren Amy Megan Pepper Bell Nicole Marie Shauna Laine Meloche Terra Chaplin Ally Von Wallis Cheri Binx Danielle Megan etc etc <3 ?
  • Awesome!