12. September 2019 - 18:30 till 21:00
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Pipeline Developer Forum - September 2019 | Sony Pictures Imageworks | Thursday, 12. September 2019

The topic for September, as voted by our members: Metrics, Logging and Data Collection
We have touched on this topic briefly before in our Python at Scale, and CI/CD forums, so let's aim to answer specific questions and dig deeper into the strategies, technologies, and details of implementation. What makes a good metrics API or platform? and who are the expected users? 
- Enter through the lobby behind the city center skytrain station- The doors lock at 6pm, but Ryan will be there gathering people until 6:30pm- If you arrive after 6:30pm please text, call or email Ryan to be let in (see organizer contact information)
About Us
Our goal is to bring together the Vancouver community of VFX and animation pipeline developers to talk shop. The group’s membership is open, and we encourage anyone who is interested to come by and join the discussion!
The Forum
Once a month, we gather to discuss a handful of topics related to our craft. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past, talk about the present, and dream into the future. With a little organization and note-taking, we try to capture the current thoughts and opinions of the community as a record for the future to look back on, and for those who are not able to be with us in person.