06. January 2018 - 21:00

Passion Portal - Enchanted Forest Party | Hindenburg | Saturday, 06. January 2018

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE TIDAL WAVE OF ENTHUSIASM, SUPPORT & EXCITEMENT! PP#2 is coming ... please note that there are no advance tickets and it is strictly first come, first serve at the door. We anticipate being at capacity within 60 minutes of doors opening, so early arrival is HIGHLY recommended!

Enter the PASSION PORTAL, into a multi-room, enchanted forest theme party, full of sensual & electric dance vibes galore, showcasing 25+ local DJs & producers, with circus, magic and dance stage performances, along with special and unusual party services to ignite inspiration within our many wonderful and overlapping communities! Presented by Restricted Entertainment & Kosmic Kitty. Please invite friends, share the event, and help spread the word - a very cool new event is on the scene, putting roots deep into the ground and starting to grow!

Admission : $20, at the door only!

----- What to expect once you enter through the Passion Portal?

- 2 rooms of DJs & dancing, all esoteric electronica, all night
- main room : deep bass, trap, electro, dubstep, G house
- 2nd room : dark & funky underground house / techno / EDM
- 25+ DJs, performers & artists
- live aerial, hula hoop, magic & dance shows
- unique, full production, enchanted forest art installations
- music and dance performance acts for mature adult partiers
- indoor chill room / outdoor smoking & social area

----- A diverse array of music, stage & art perfomers, including :

/// DJS ///
Tripzy Leary
Frigid Chops
Jennay Badger
Kasey Riot

Cashius Clay

Cugu Reau ... (dance performance)
Gamma Ra ... (dance performance)
Will Stelfox ... (magic performance)
Strvnge Creature ... (dance performance)

The Hunter
Tess Ananda
Gamma Ra

Luna Lovebug
Kosmic Kitty

Burns The Dragon ... (snake handler)

Rachel Adelin ... (painter)

Frankie Panky

----- Extra goodies :

- on stage dance cages
- elixir booth
- chill & relax room
- thai massage area
- locally made creations for sale
- many more surprises!

----- Enchanted Forest theme outfits highly encouraged, but are by no means required! You are more than welcome to wear whatever comfortable manner of attire makes you feel most at home!

----- Our mantra :

To build community and to bond it using play, including music, art, performance & dance. Our goal is to present a classy noctural social gathering, drawing in mature partiers that aren't there just to get intoxicated, but yet - to connect with others, to leave feeling inspired, and to cultivate deeper mindfulness.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side of the Portal!
  • The one and only SolaraKat, coming out again to dazzle us with her potent uplifting vibrations and goddess-like beauty on the aerials. Watch her fly... Love you Mandy! ๐Ÿฆ„
  • $20 at the door only. What time do we need to get there to make sure we get in? :)
  • id love to offer my trippy live painting services if youre into that sort of thing! Novaboros~
  • Spicin' the night up for us propa we have Frigid on deck! โœจ๐ŸŽถ
  • The ever-fierce, creative force that is Claire Gabereau will be performing a dance act for us on this magical evening... Prepare to feel the inspiration coursing through with this one as she ignites us with her Art. ๐Ÿ’š
  • Back and ready to get weird, our friend Tripzy Leary will be delivering another set for this next installment of Passion Portal. Tripzy Leary is going to come in like a wave of sound, a menacing vibration, captivating your ear...
  • Making her debut purrformance at our Passion Portal events, it's the lovely VooDuDoll, who will be traveling from the island to perform aerials for us for this magical evening of bass mayhem. Come get amongst the magic of this enigmatic, dark fae lynx...
  • Kate Lodge ๐Ÿ˜„
  • this looks like a lot of fun, hope to make it to it !
  • So, I was planning on coming to this for my birthday and my friends birthday party with 50 of my nearest and dearest, but since there are no advance tickets, we have decided not to come since waiting in line forever (without guaranteed entry) doesnโ€™t seem like a super fun birthday activity. Iโ€™m not sure why you have chosen to go this route of no advance sales. It seems a lot like Granville street line baiting which is not a good time at any time of year but add cold and wet since itโ€™s January and I feel like a lot of people might decide to just not go... This event seems like it could be a good time and I was looking forward to checking it out, so now Iโ€™m all sad.
  • Looks so amazing. I hope to make it to one of these โ™กโ™กโ™ก
  • Dear friend of mine, epically talented and all around amazing human/bear hybrid Kermode will be coming to rock the house main stage for our 2nd installment of Passion Portal in January ๐Ÿ’š Mystify the senses and give his 2016 Shambhala Music Festival mix a listen here...
  • My birthday! :)
  • We will be announcing our live acts for Passion Portal volume 2 soon... Stay tuned :)
  • Out of all the pictures I've ever taken, I think this was by far the funniest. Shout out to the random black guy in the blue hat and his killer side glance! ๐Ÿคฃ
  • Was a pleasure to DJ and dance with you all. Thanks to the event producers for having me out. Till next time creatures. http://www.facebook.com/djapplecat https://soundcloud.com/applecatmusic
  • Hehe! I can see this being a thing at one of our parties...
  • If you met me at the party or we shared a dance please feel free to add me or say hello! Love all you beautiful woodland creatures!
  • Tessa Elizabeth Jared Pagotto Jordan Huot Katie Sprieszl Katia Plotnikoff Karissa Pukas Manda Bell Danielle Ambs we should all go to this!!
  • So when are tickets selling for round 2??
  • From the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of Isaac Terpstra and Kaitlind Allura who dreamed up this event and knocked over the first dominos towards pulling it all together along with the help of a ton of passionate friends, THANK YOU to the many, MANY people who put their energy and love into making Passion Portal an absolutely inspiring and amazing gathering! We had very high hopes for how it would all turn out and everyone who took part, from the attendees, to our volunteers, to our crew, and to our DJs and performers, all exceeded our expectations in every way possible. You KNOW Passion Portal will be back ... we're aiming for a tentative date of Saturday January 6, as jump through the next portal into the New Year!
  • What a lovely time spent in the enchanted forest! I met so many new acquaintances, friends, and like-minded individuals. Truly an inspiring event. Can't wait for next time๐Ÿ’“ Feel free to tag, edit, share and save these photos ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you to the event hosts & hostess'.
  • Had a great time last night. Fantastic performers and wonderful people all around! So many great costumes. Was feeling over dressed until I got in the door, and felt right at home. Will definitely be there for the second event ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Da next ones on my bday .. Hmmn