10. January 2018 - 18:30 till 20:30
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Mo(ment) Money Mo Problems | Moment Meditation | Wednesday, 10. January 2018

Join us, and Chantel Chapman, financial literacy expert & financial fitness coach from Mogo money for a 3-part Mindful Adulting crash course. Get ready to whip your bank account into shape.

Day 1: Making sense of money- JAN 10

The story of money
Your own personal money story: How we spend money depends upon how we feel about the money.
Hedonic Well-being vs Eudaimionic Well-being and how that impacts our spending
Consumerism and addiction
Meditation for money management

Day 2: Credit- JAN 17

Understanding different types of debt
Understanding the importance of your credit score
5 steps to a sexy credit score

Day 3: Cashflow management/ How to not Blow Money Fast like Rick Ross- JAN 31

Values + goals
Advertising and the brain
This vs that - Opportunity Cost
Spending and saving hacks
How to afford to buy a home (waddup Vancouverities this is for real)

$100 for the full course
$40 for an individual class. Register for solo classes via our class schedule

Note: No class Jan 24
Note: to register for individual classes, please email hello@momentmeditation.com

*photo credit: Tyler Shields


Chantel Chapman is the founder of Holler For Your Dollar, Mogo's Financial Fitness Coach and the host of the popular, national event series, Adulting 101 . With over a 13 years experience as a mortgage broker and a financial literacy educator, Chantel recognized the need to explore the deeper relationships that we have with money in order to help people truly heal their money blocks. On this research journey she has completed meditation teacher training in India, studied addiction and the brain and is currently expanding her meditation teacher training in Vancouver under the teachings of Moment Meditation. Meditation and mindfulness for healing behavioural issues with money have become a core part of Chantel's financial literacy education.