06. January 2018 - 10:00
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Matriarch Teachings - Wendy Hill | PAFNW | Saturday, 06. January 2018

Please Join us in January for:

"Women’s Roles and Responsibilities in a Matriarchal Society
Rites of Passage" with Wendy Hill (Cayuga Nation/Bear clan) Six Nations

Topics Include:

- Responsibilities with birth and pregnancies, ceremonies, family, community and Clan, Nation.

- Responsibilities with Motherhood, grand-motherhood and helping with death and dying.

- Rites of passage, fasting, importance of spirituality and parenting.

Wendy was raised in a traditional longhouse family and participated in the ceremonies all her life. From a near death experience and illness at the age of 20 years old the spirit world gifted Wendy with healing abilities. She has worked in the prisons with young offenders, women, and men helping to bring spiritual teachings to them on the inside. Today she works as a Traditional Healer in numerous Indigenous Communities for over 20 years. She does a variety of workshops regarding colonization, wellness and healing. Today she speaks on various topics including prophecies and awareness of the needs of our spirit, She has co-taught with her younger brother as a professor at McMaster University for five years teaching about traditional medicine. Wendy’s most important goal is to help others to learn to have a peaceful relationship with themselves and others. She has done peace-building workshops and training, using our conflict resolving circles. Wendy is a grandmother of two grandchildren and a mother to 3 daughters, an aunt to many nieces and nephews.

Priority Given to Indigenous Women
Register with Christine at IndigenousWomenRise@pafnw.ca or by phone at 604-872-1849