01. February 2018 - 18:00 till 19:30

Lind 2018: Steven Pinker on The Unravelling of the Liberal Order | UBC Old Auditorium | Thursday, 01. February 2018

The focus for the Lind Initiative in U.S. Studies series in Winter Term 2, 2018 at UBC Vancouver is "The Unravelling of the Liberal Order." The series will run from January to March, 2018.

This talk is SOLD OUT.

Our speaker:
Steven Pinker is one of the world’s most influential intellectuals, with multiple bestselling and award-winning books on language, mind, and human nature. He has held positions at MIT and Harvard, where he currently resides. His forthcoming book, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, challenges prophecies of doom to provide a sobering and more optimistic account of the future.

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  • #UBC students, apply now to GPP 591 Lind Initiative Seminar: "The Unravelling of the Liberal Order" in Term 2! Upper-level undergraduates & graduate students are invited to apply by November 30. The course will run between January 4 to March 15, 2018 and include visits from some of the world’s leading intellectuals on the liberal order including Ed Luce, Francis Fukuyama, Susan Rice, Steven Pinker, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and others. http://bit.ly/2lmBlJS
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  • Breaks my heart this was sold out before I even heard about it.