01. November 2017 - 20:00
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KIN BALAM Group At Calabash Bistro | Calabash Bistro | Wednesday, 01. November 2017

What is Kin Balam?
Indigenous Afro Latin Flamenco Jazz Hip Hop Music, virtuoso musicianship, hardcore spiritual rap poetry, Mesoamerican Indigenous sounds, Flamenco guitar passion, Afro Latin Rythms, Jazz Improvisation all in one warrior body of music.

There is real power, depth, message, and skill in this refreshing and vibrant powerful musical ensemble made up of Balam Santos Antonio, Alan Ruiz, and Juan David Encinales.

The true power of art lies in ones honesty, dedication, belief, hard work, perserverence and ability to express ones unique voice. Kin Balam Group is the sincerest expression of Balam S.A's vision that has come from years in the imagining and making to a now fluid and concrete set list for the people of the world to hear.

There is always much I can say about my music but in short it is like true human spirit prayer, the unravelling of the spirit into the sky, the hands of the sun, life and death.

Blessings and much love to all the community living real and form the heart. See yall wednesday night.

Kin Balam