17. November 2017 - 22:00
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Karaoke Fridays at EXP | EXP Restaurant + Bar | Friday, 17. November 2017

Karaoke Fridays at EXP!
Nerds and alike unite, this place is MADE for karaoke!
This night is sure to blow up so come be part of the inagural night!
$6 Hiballs / $8 Doubles
Hosted by Euphonic Entertainment
  • I just wanted to set that I had a blast last night! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to play my request, but that was alright because people requested goods songs anyways lol I hope to show up next Friday or the week after. Thank you for the good times! =)
  • Last night was an awesome launch you guys! We did have some technical issues with the mics in the room which will be all sorted out for next week, don't worry! Looking forward to this being an epic weekly gig!
  • There needs to be Sonic R songs, since it's the best Sonic the Hedgehog OST evar.
  • We've been getting requests in from all of you and will do our best to find and download the songs for the launch. Some more obscure songs are difficult to find and we do not YouTube karaoke, just a heads up! See you all tomorrow for this launch, maybe get down a bit early to ensure your seats and songs as it looks like it's going to be a crazy night!!!
  • Song requests?? Throw them down here and make note that it is for this event! https://www.euphonicentertainment.com/karaoke-song-requests
  • I want to request weight of the world and song of the ancients.
  • My poor wallet
  • Are you going to have anime and video game songs as well?
  • Sharing this everywhere