25. October 2017 - 20:00
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The Critical Hit Show - a Live, Improvised, Epic Fantasy! | The Rio Theatre | Wednesday, 25. October 2017

The live, smash hit epic comedy returns for our SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That's right, half it's been half a dozen years of medieval merriment (and snacks!) - it's THE CRITICAL HIT SHOW! Join Vancouver's best comedic performers at The Rio Theatre for your favorite #DNDLive comedy on the last Wednesday of every month.

As always, our intrepid performers will venture on a quest for comic glory in a live, improvised spectacular inspired by the world's most popular role-playing game.

Wednesday, February 28
Doors 7:00 | Show 8:00
Advance Tickets $12 | $14 at the door

*Ages 16+ OK! (Language warning.) Must be 19+ w/ID for bar service.
*Sorry, no Groupons or passes accepted for this show.

For six years, The Critical Hit Show has been playing to massive audiences month after month, and the epic adventure continues! Remember, you don't need to know anything about gaming to have a great time. All you need is to know how to have fun! And don't forget to stop by The Storm Crow Tavern or Storm Crow Alehouse on the way to your next adventure!

Eric Fell as The Dungeon Master
Ian Boothby as Benoit the Anointed, the Half-Elf Cleric
Joanna Gaskell as Freya, the Elf Warlock
Barbara Beall as Ingrid, the Halfling Fighter
Ellen MacNevin as Belle Strummer, the Half-Elf Ranger
Allen Morrison as Spitz Luben, the Human Wizard
Shaun Stewart as Brask Hellbeard, the Dwarf Bard

More monsters! More Magic! More Mayhem! More Off-Brand soda!

Twitter: @critshow

  • Join Vancouver's best comedic performers at The Rio Theatre for your favourite #DNDLive comedy - on the last Wednesday of every month! (Upcoming shows include Wednesday, January 31 and Wednesday, February 28.) For more information, head to www.riotheatre.ca
  • I still think your show is better than Star Wars. I am sad that I will be out of town that day and will not be able to do pictures for you. :( But have a happy holiday everyone! <3 you all!
  • Oh, Wednesday; you are a bleak mistress, aren't you? Good thing there's nothing but laughter-filled comedy gold happening on our stage tonight when our friends at The Critical Hit Show: A Live Improvised Epic Fantasy make everything sunny and hilarious with some #DNDLive magic at 8:00 pm. Also: ***** beverages.
  • I just realized...shouldn't it read: A Live Improvised Eric Fantasy?
  • Can someone please take lots of videos and photos? I'm missing it tonight 😭😭😭😭
  • Your favourite monthly #DNDLive comedy gets into the Halloween spirit tonight, kids! The Critical Hit Show: A Live Improvised Epic Fantasy is bringing tricks n' treats with a SPOOKTACULAR edition of medival mirth n' merriment. Of course, costumes are very welcome - encouraged. Show us what you've got! Doors at 7:00 pm. Tickets at www.riotheatretickets.ca or at the door.
  • We're just a few days away from our Halloween Spooktacular! Come on out!