08. May 2018 - 9:30 till 15:00
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Church Revitalization Workshop | Vancouver School of Theology | Tuesday, 08. May 2018

HAWKING, DAWKINS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: COMMUNICATING JESUS IN A SCIENTIFIC WORLD with Professor David Wilkinson. Many Christians are either fearful of science or silent in the **** of its progress and claims. Celebrity scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins use science to argue against the existence of God, and massive leaps in areas such as Artificial Intelligence seem to raise massive problems for traditional understandings of what it means to be human. But the God of the Bible is also the God of all creation. On the basis of the revelation of God in Jesus, Christians can be confident and engaged with science in their discipleship, work, witness and apologetics. Speaking from his own experience as an astrophysicist and popular communicator of the Christian faith, David Wilkinson will explore the doctrine of creation that will equip for ministry and mission today. Sponsored by the Hugh and Helen Mogensen Fund. Register at