09. February 2018 - 15:00
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APO Section 8 Conference 2018 [SOLD OUT] | University of British Columbia | Friday, 09. February 2018


Alpha Canada chapter is very proud to host our first ever Sectionals Conference back in our home country and welcome the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega from other chapters! The theme for this year's sectionals conference is 'The Start of Something New'.

'The Start of Something New' marks a new beginning of our chapter's journey as we embark to become better servant leaders in the community and also connect our APO brothers from across the nations with our little APO Canada's community.


Date: February 9-11, 2018
Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Check out our website for more information and registration:


Price incl. entry to conference, banquet, and T-shirt
All price in Canadian dollars!

NOTE: First 30 registrants in the early bird admissions will get free swag bags.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us:
💻 FACEBOOK: Alpha Phi Omega UBC - Alpha Canada
  • Hello brothers! Hope your commute is going well! Please come to the GREAT HALL in the ams nest (second floor in the hall to the right of the stairs at the end of the hall) and sign in.
  • For those of you who have never roamed internationally with your cell phones until this weekend, please check with your mobile service carrier about what your options are. You don't want to be unpleasantly surprised by how much the default option might cost per voice minute and per megabyte of data!
  • SECTIONALS COUNTDOWN: D-1 🌟 DOWNLOAD GUIDEBOOK 🌟 It is H A P P E N I N G! Are you all packed for your trip to Canada? For guidelines on the conference, download GUIDEBOOK for your all-in-one guide to Sectionals. The app includes everything you need to know for the conference, such as: customizable schedule, available workshops, FAQs, packing list, and all the housing accommodation master list. All you have to do is: 1. Download GUIDEBOOK on the app store 2. Find us using the passphrase 'alphacanada2015' AND you are all set... Less paper, save the earth!
  • SECTIONALS COUNTDOWN: D-2 🌟 BROTHER-HOSTED WORKSHOPS 🌟 Haven't figure out which workshop are you going to go? Check out these brother-hosted workshop! Psstt... some of them are full already so ****** them quick! Register yourself here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MHAw14Se0EuwfeYvTQ5Ieh7rzK_ZgDfadKcQOQ4rMIQ/edit?usp=sharing
  • Don't forget there's a APO LEADS Launch Online course TONIGHT!
  • SECTIONALS COUNTDOWN: D-5 🌟 LAUNCH ONLINE WEBINAR 🌟 Registration for LEADS both Achieve and Discover are still OPEN! If you have not taken Launch and are not able to make it to the Friday session, there is also going to be an online webinar on FEBRUARY 7 from 6-9PM PST. Just for clarification, if you are interested in any of the LEADS courses please fill in the Google form to confirm your spots and not through the workshop spreadsheet! Link to form: https://goo.gl/forms/S0WvJl4BqPlbK9IH2 Can't wait to see you all <3
  • I have recently bought a ticket for sectionals but I can no longer go, I would be willing to sell my ticket for cheaper than what I bought it for if any of you guys are interested. I'm so sorry for the late notice :(
  • SECTIONALS COUNTDOWN: D-6 🌟 SECTIONALS 2018 MERCH 🌟 Early birdies raise your hand!👋👋 Are you excited for your swag bag? Well, here ya go! We would like to thank InstantImprint in supporting the making of our sectional merchandises. Those of you who missed your chance, this is your lucky day because we will have a limited quantity of these merchandises for sale during Sectionals. We will also be selling them in complete set for conference attendees for $10 ONLY** Interested? Make sure to find our merchandise table! **T-Shirt not included, this is already part of your registration package except for Late Bird registrants.
  • It is officially 7 days away to Sectionals! 🌟 WIN $50 CHIPOTLE GIFT CARD 🌟 Are you a leader of the future? Sustainability is not just a word, but a word who define us. Every year, the UBC Campus works to explore and improve all aspects of sustainability using our campus as a living lab model. We want to invite you to also join the conversation on improving sustainability scenes in your community. Also, challenge you to think outside the box and create environmentally-friendly products as part of this year's Sectionals service project. Winner to the sustainable showcase will receive $50 CHIPOTLE GIFT CARD. This card is available for use in the USA, so don't you worry!
  • To our brothers down south, MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK ETA REQUIREMENTS (ELECTONIC TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION) at least 24hrs ahead of coming if you are flying in! It is a requirement for all US Permanent Residents. EDIT: You do not need one if you have a US Passport.
  • ONE WEEK TILL SECTIONALS! Our brothers put together a video to give you a peek of Alpha Canada, UBC, and what's to come. See you soon;
  • Hello brothers! If you requested to be hosted by an Alpha Canada brother, we've just sent the email for our housing allocations for the conference weekend so keep an eye out for the email and if you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out! See you soon!
  • We will also be offering LEADS courses as part of Sectionals. There will be 3 courses offered: LAUNCH, ACHIEVE, and DISCOVER, of course lead by 3 awesome presenters FRIDAY// 6-9PM LAUNCH - presented by Ping Huang SATURDAY // 1-4PM ACHIEVE - presented by Brandyn Fairchild DISCOVER - presented by Michael Wallace If you are interested in completing your LEADS courses, please register yourself in the form below: https://goo.gl/forms/WwS7MdSUThjPS4aB3 Better register yourself quickly because it is going to be first come, first serve!
  • Attempting to sell two tickets! Pls PM me if you wanted a ticket but didn’t get a chance to buy 😊
  • Hi Section 8 alumni! My Kentucky brother Brandyn Fairchild is attending our conference to present a LEADS course and is looking for housing options. Are there any alumni who have a spot in their lodging for another roommate? He is amazing and travelling all the way from Pennsylvania to be with us!!
  • Due to overwhelming responses, we are CLOSING REGISTRATION before midnight because we maxed out our attendees' capacity. All of Alpha Canada members are in disbelief right now and thank you very much for all the wonderful supports! We promise to show you our best and hope to see you there!
  • PSA: We are so close to having 100 people coming to sectionals and today is the last day of registration! Let's not miss Alpha Canada's milestone and register today! Meanwhile... 🌟 WIN $50 CHIPOTLE GIFT CARD 🌟 You might want to forget about sleeping off your jet lag or exhaustion because we are going full on! We are starting sectionals with a WiiU TOURNAMENT and *drum roll* you can win $50 Chipotle gift card if you win 1ST PLACE in SUPER SMASH BROS! We will also have Mario Kart for recreational purposes only! Not into video games 🎮🎮? Worry not, we will have karaoke happening at the same time and we might or might not have another $50 CHIPOTLE GIFT CARD ready for you! 😏Informations TBA. Thank you Chipotle Mexican Grill for sponsoring our event!
  • ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHT? This workshop will be brought to you by our Alpha Canada member, Bernadette V Dalm! 🌟 SPEAK LIKE A FRIEND 🌟 How are LGBTQ folks recognized in your everyday speech? Develop some strategies to adjust your language making people of all gender identifications feel welcome. You'll walk away with a better understanding of how language can be used to affirm identity. This will be a welcoming space for everyone!
  • Late Bird Admissions for sale NOW! Deadline: Friday January 26th GET YOUR TICKETS ASAP! https://www.sectionals.apoubc.ca/events/apo-section-8-conference-general-brother-registration
  • General Admissions SOLD. Late Bird Admissions for sale NOW! https://www.sectionals.apoubc.ca/events/apo-section-8-conference-general-brother-registration
  • two days left before the GENERAL ADMISSIONS deadline! register now for that LFS! https://www.sectionals.apoubc.ca/events/apo-section-8-conference-general-brother-registration
  • Alpha Canada is happy to announce our partnership with Boft Canada! Boft is an on-campus photo printing machines that can print photos from your social media in minutes. Watch out for promo code that will allow you to print 4 photos for $5 ONLY! (Reg. price 2 for $5) #boftcanada #printyourhappiness
  • As it is approaching closer to Sectionals Conference, watch your notifications in the next couple of weeks for workshops/events announcement that we have in store for you! 🌟 TODAY'S HIGHLIGHT: LEADERSHIP 🌟 Leadership starts with YOU, so Alpha Canada Leadership has crafted two workshops that focus on personal leadership! Do you want to learn how to be more creative when leading a team? Come learn about how successful organizations use CREATIVITY IN LEADERSHIP, and enjoy some fun activities to get your ideas going! Perhaps you want to overcome barriers that prevent you from reaching your full potential? Join us for OVERCOMING OBSTACLES and partake in a workshop full of fun, thought-provoking activities, and lots of leadership!
  • Good morning brothers! For those who are looking at accommodations outside of Alpha Canada brother housing, our team has created a list of accommodation options available complete with contact information and more. Please note that the list is ordered by distance to UBC. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zA1nKC5Gn3-cfNuED2IndN27-9D5yCYhTKFJJ0LdlOM/edit?usp=sharing
  • GENERAL ADMISSIONS STILL OPEN! (Deadline: Monday January 22) GENERAL ADMISSIONS is still up for grabs! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE! Your admissions will not only get you access to all of the cool events/workshop we are planning BUT also include free T-Shirt, so you can always have a little piece of Alpha Canada in your wardrobe! 😀