27. October 2017 - 22:00
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Amateur $trip Night & Totally Wholesome Holiday Party | Astoria Hastings | Friday, 27. October 2017

Tired of crusty office events and tedious family affairs?

Start up the holidays at The Astoria Hastings.
Get Naked and win cash with this amateur strip competition

!!!Open Gender/Open Skill/Anything goes!!!
$500 for 1st prize/ $200 for 2nd / $100 for 3rd

If you are interested in performing, RSVP before 8pm on the day of the event and we will make sure you have free cover and your song ready for you at the bar.
It's just as simple as sending a youtube link of your song to rentchequeintheass@gmail.com with your stage name.

You are able to sign up at the event, however you MUST bring your song on your own music device (ipod/mp3 player/smart phone).
We are not able to accomodate any new song requests at the venue.
Otherwise cover is only $5.

Stage presence Emma Cooper
DJ skills c/o Denise Fraser
Photo love from Heather Glasgow
Party mom = Abby Normal

We're *** positive, body positive, and life positive.
There's ZERO ROOM for assholes or creeps at Rent Cheque. This includes a huge NO to: racism, sexism, transphobia. If you see anyone being an ******* please flag it to the staff so we can ask them to leave.

Some call it a No Pants Dance Off, some call it a Tops Down Throw Down. Others like to think of it as a live nude performance art competition. We like them all, but prefer to call it COMPLETE FLESH MAYHEM, and guarantee it's just a hot ******* mess that you will wish you remembered in the morning.

For performers, we have some simple rules:
No pros
No weapons
No *** acts
No spillables- foods, liquids, whipped cream, glitter, etc.
Clean up ANY messes
& You MUST be covered up before and after your performance.
(you will be disqualified if you can't respect the rules)

Anyone who wins Rent Cheque will have 2 other times to place. Once someone has won a (1st / 2nd / 3rd) prize 3 times, we will take them out of the competition. They will still be allowed and encouraged to use our stage to share any performances they may come up with, they are just not able to qualify for the prize money.

Rent Cheque is a BOO FREE ZONE (and sometimes a FREE BOOZE ZONE!) That means that if you are not in love with a certain performer, then just cheer louder and crazier for the one which has captured your heart. Either moan or cheer. No other sounds allowed pls.

The end of the night winner is judged based on crowd response. SO IF YOU PLAN ON WINNING, BRING EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER SEDUCED TO SCREAM FOR YOU.

Doors are 10pm
*********** starts by 10:30
DJ starts by 11pm, and then performers go on in increments throughout the night starting at 11:30pm, and ending anywhere between 1:30-1:50.
3 finalists are picked, and then the winner is chosen by crowd applause before 2am.

In between performers we get down and dirty with a topless dance party.
We are TOTALLY SOOOO DOWN if you wanna ditch your shirts and bras at the door but please keep on your underwear due to liquor licensing issues.

Costumes, props, creativity and excessive liquor consumption are highly encouraged.

Every month we happily give away 10% of whatever we give our winner to the WISH Drop-In Centre Society. Please check out their page for ways you can help out this great organization doing amazing work!
  • Holiday vibes like
  • ALWAYS room for performers! Just send a YouTube link with your stage name to rentchequeintheass@gmail.com and we’ll have you on the guest list.