05. January 2018 - 17:00
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All My Relation 1st Annual Tournament | Britannia Community Services Centre | Friday, 05. January 2018

Help AMR get to All Native!

Please email mhowe@ or text 778-322-3316 if interested.

Max 8 players per team.

Only 6 women and 8 men teams can participate so get your team in!

AMR Basketball Tournament January 5th-7th, 2017


• 350$ entry fee
* Plus 1 (non- native)
• Round robin format with two pools per category
• Placing will be determined after round robin play
• Each player must play in the round robin games to compete in the semi finals and final
• 4 vs 4 format: Team consists of a maximum of 8 players per team with one open player
• 25 minutes of running time per half and 5 minute half time
• 1 time out per half
• In case of a tie game there will be 5 minutes overtime with one extra time out per team.
• Standings after round robin:
• If there is a tie in pool play: point deferential up to +20 and -20
• If a player received two technical fouls during the entire tournament they will be ejected from the tournament.
• Cash prize money for first women and men team: 1000$ included entry fee
• All stars will be given after final games in both women and men division