23. January 2019 - 18:30 till 20:00
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1/23 Now Hiring Vancouver Professional Networking Meet-up - Let's talk social | The Grocery Cocktail & Social | Wednesday, 23. January 2019

Join our twice monthly networking group designed to connect Vancouver and SW Washington business owners, HR professionals, and recruiters with business support services and potential applicants.
Let's talk social! Social media is a valuable asset in your job search. At this week's session we will talk about how to use it, when to use it and what not to do. Come ready to share your social links with the group and get hands on help as time allows. 
Please Note: Our events are strictly for professional networking and not sales. While we love our MLM friends and sales teams, this event is designed to connect people to resources for furthering their careers and supporting their businesses through relationship building and community support.
Things you can do at a Now Hiring Networking event:
- Further your career and establish strong connections to your community- Meet other professionals who live in the Vancouver area- Learn about other businesses- Connect with recruiters and business owners- Find new business opportunities- Learn about upcoming events - Enjoy delicious food and beverages- Find jobs and contracts- Learn helpful tips during our Hot Tips session- Host or sponsor a Now Hiring event - Sponsor a Hot Tips session
Please help make our events amazing!- Invite a few of your most trusted and respected professional contacts. - Bring business cards or resumes with your contact information- Dress professionally and comfortably- We want each venue to want us back. Tip your server well, order a drink and/or food and be kind to the staff. Introduce yourself and welcome others to join your conversations.- We ask each guest to be respectful of all people, no matter what purpose they are attending the event to achieve. Even if you can’t provide what they want, you may be able to give them encouragement, advice or a referral.- Develop real relationships at the events.- Be curious, kind, complimentary, thoughtful, respectful, helpful, warm, friendly, genuine, positive and sincere.- Join our Facebook community and keep the conversations going.