12. October 2017 - 18:30
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Women's Hand Drumming | Centre for Indigenous Theatre | Thursday, 12. October 2017

Native Women in the Arts, in partnership with IndigenEd & Centre for Indigenous Theatre, is pleased to present Women’s Hand Drumming.

Thursday, Oct. 12 - Veronica - Intention, Connection & Gratitude
Thursday, Oct. 26 - Aqua - Two Spirit Truth
Thursday, Nov. 9 - Veronica - Being Responsible for our Energy
Thursday, Nov. 23 - Veronica - Respect, Shaming & Moon Lodge
Thursday, Dec. 7 - Veronica - Affirmations & Manifesting

This series of women’s hand-drumming sessions are intended as practice and learning spaces for emerging and novice drummers. Origin stories of songs, protocols, leading songs, and cultural contexts will be integrated into the teaching of each song & participants are encouraged to share their knowledge. These sessions aim to respect a diversity of teachings & beliefs - all participants are asked to attend with this intention in mind.

These sessions are open to all female-identified and non-binary individuals. A light snack and refreshments will be provided. Children are always welcome. Please note that childcare is not provided. Sessions are DROP-IN & FREE though registration is requested. Please send your name and email address to drumming@nwia.ca, along with any questions you may have. There is no deadline for registration, and this circle will invite new members continuously.


1. Gather and empower female identified people through music and ceremony.

2. Revitalize the traditional principles of gender equality mechanisms and spiritual practices and recognize rematriation in progress as a way to decolonize.

Featured Hand Drummer Hosts:

Veronica Johnny, Muskose’wukaw pussa’w Iskwao (Meadow Valley Woman) - is of mixed Cree Metis & Dene First Nations descent. She is a traditional & contemporary two-spirit Indigenous hand-drummer from Fort Smith, NWT. Veronica shares indigenous teachings, hosts drum circles and sings healing songs for the good of all life everywhere. She facilitates arts-education workshops including self-esteem, music and cultural teachings. Veronica is also a singer/songwriter and the front woman, vocalist and manager of The Johnnys, a high-energy rock band she founded with husband Dave Johnny; and an artist entrepreneur as the founder of IndigenEd - Indigenous Education for all - “creating understanding between Indigenous and non-indigenous people.”

Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone (Water Flower) is a hand-drummer and singer/songwriter. Aqua crafts music reflecting her deep respect for Indigenous traditions, and determination to thrive as an artist, Métis woman of Ojibwe descent. On one hand her process is one of purposeful reflection and healing, translating life’s challenges into melody and verse to uplift herself and others. On the other, she is mindful of remaining open to universal energies, allowing spirit to channel music through her, unfiltered, with surprising, powerful results. Aqua works to empower youth and women, is a longstanding facilitator of community drum circles, a partner with several Indigenous organizations, regularly collaborates with like-minded artists, and facilitates cultural workshops across Ontario.


Along with learning and singing drum songs, each session will focus on one or more topics - indigenous teachings & perspectives will be shared within each.

To encourage giving the participants more experience, each facilitator will choose a helper each session.
  • I am so grateful to announce that Accenture has generously sponsored 8 hand drums for my December 11th Hand Drum Making Workshop! This means 8 Indigenous Women will have the opportunity to make their own hand drum FREE of cost. If you're interested please email me at aqua@aquamusic.ca and tell me a little bit about yourself and why making your own hand drum is important to you. Please consider the following criteria before emailing me your story: ~Individuals who self identify as Indigenous to Turtle Island~ ~Individuals who self identify as female~ ~Individuals who have not yet had the opportunity to make their own hand drum or are currently not a drum carrier~ ~Individuals who are experiencing a financial barrier to making their own hand drum~ Please do not reply to this post or message me through Facebook, please email me at aqua@aquamusic.ca to be considered for this amazing opportunity. Please also note you must be available on Monday December 11th from 12pm-5pm and can travel to Native Earth Performing Arts Aki Studio 585 Dundas Street East.
  • I'll see you all at 6:30! Looking forward to drumming with female-identified people.
  • Looking forward to drumming and singing with you all tonight! I will be filming before and after interviews this evening. If you are interested in volunteering your time to be apart of the interviews please come to the Native Women in the Arts Centre for 5:45pm and be prepared to stay behind after the drumming to complete the interviews. I want to thank the participants who took part in the interviews last time. Unfortunately the audio was no good. This means your can do another interview if you like! 😊 See you soon!
  • Hi there, much respect to the hand drummers and to organizers of this event, and other NWIA events. This is really important work you’re doing. I’d like to come out to this event though I’m a bit unsure who it’s for? Can someone share more about what it means to say “female-identified”, “women’s hand drumming” and “non-binary”? It might be helpful to know if any trans, gender complex and/or non-binary people are involved in organizing. Or if you consulted with folks before organizing the events. Also, if any cis Native women friends are reading this and know what I’m getting at, can you take on the emotional and mental labour of working with the organizers to create a respectful dialogue? I’m going out on a limb here, taking a huge risk for my own personal safety, as I really need to be a part of cultural events that support non cis people. It’s really exhausting that this and other events keep popping up and I’m not sure how safe they will be. One idea might be for NWIA to partner with folks who are already working with non cis indigenous people to have an open discussion about these topics. To share information ahead of time so everyone is on the same page, referencing similar language and everyone’s teachings are respected. Welal’ioq
  • Join me NEXT Thursday, Nov 9th at 6:30pm to drum, sing and lift our spirits in Toronto at CIT. See event for details. <3
  • Very sick today and can't come.
  • Bring your moccasins and slippers. No shoes in the drumming space. Thanks
  • I'm looking for four participants to be interviewed (before and after this evening's event) for a drum doc I'm working on. Seven short questions. Please pm my media assistant Valentina Morelli if you're interested. I am home sick so I will be with you in spirit. <3
  • http://mailchi.mp/ec30e51b3bee/nwia-womens-hand-drumming-oct-26
  • "91 Going * 493 Interested" - Looks like there's a demand for this kind of event. Next drum circle is THIS Thursday! I'll be sending out an email to the mailing list by tomorrow.
  • REPOST: We have currently reached capacity for these workshops however, if you registered prior to the Oct 12, and/or you were a regular participant over the last two years, I'll see you in the circle on Oct 26 @ 6:30pm @ CIT. Please keep in mind that this group is every other Thursday and that drums are not necessarily provided. We kindly ask you not to call/email the Centre for Indigenous Theatre & we ask you not to enter the centre prior to 6pm on the day the workshops are held. For more workshop opportunities, all up-to-date info & to get on the waiting list, join the Women’s Hand Drumming newsletter:
  • If you email drumming@nwia.ca the return message is an automatic reply. If you were at the first circle, you are registered for all the circles. We have had an overwhelming response and we have limited resources so we are working out how to manage it all with as much automation as possible. Please help us do this. I would love some committed volunteers who know about social media, mail chimp, video, audio, etc. I and NWIA ask for your patience and flexibility. We've had around 80 people express interest and only have room for 35. How can we improve this process? How can we ensure maximum participation with the space we have? Would some of you be able to donate each circle so we can fund another one on another evening? #womenhelpingwomen #letslifteachotherup
  • I hope I'll be able to come this Thursday when Auqa will be teaching because I really like Auqa. I registered once and someone emailed me saying "Dear Registered client, please click on this link to stay registered which I did and at last Thursday's workshop, the person teaching that class told me since I was rigistered once, I can now come when the workshops are happening even if i don't email ahead of time, but someone emailed me in response to an email I sent last night saying. The group is capitive at this time, so right now they can't grantee me registertion.
  • UPDATE: We have currently reached capacity for these workshops. Thank you for your interest in the Women's Hand Drumming with IndigenEd. For all up to date information and to get on the waiting list join the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/c6_BVn. Please keep in mind that this group is every other Thursday and that drums are not necessarily provided. All inquiries about these sessions can be directed to drumming@nwia.ca. We kindly ask you not to call or email the Centre for Indigenous Theatre. Also, with respect to the staff and students of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, we ask you not to enter the centre prior to 6pm on the day the workshops are held. Thank you and we will see you on the 26th!
  • Every OTHER Thursday, this drum circe is held - there is NO drum circle today. NEXT one is Oct 26 @ 6:30pm. Please DO NOT call The Centre for Indigenous Theatre OR Native Women in the Arts. Email drumming@nwia.ca and sign up for the newsletter and please be patient for a response. Thank you.
  • Do you provide the drums? Also is there a fee for this event?
  • Fun and healing energy in the circle this evening. My heart is full. I need more of this, please. See you all in two weeks for Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone's Two-Spirit Truth circle. Same time. Same place. Thursday, Oct 26th. Please tag and share. ❤️🌿🎶🙏🏽😁🌈
  • Unable to make it tonight. Would love to try for another day.
  • Do we need our own drum or are there extras?
  • The event is at 6:30pm tomorrow and we hope to start the welcome song by 6:45pm!
  • Welcome to the circle! We are excited to continue this learning workshop series! Stay connected by PLEASE registering to our mailing list:
  • Please send your name and email address to: drumming@nwia.ca to receive the link to register for our mailing list. #handdrumming #women #femaleidentified #nonbinary #welcome
  • Hello, is this an adult group or children welcome as well? Thank you
  • Please send your name and email address to: drumming@nwia.ca to sign up for our mailing list. #handdrumming #women #femaleidentified #nonbinary #welcome
  • If you're looking for a drum.. here's where I got mine... Tribal Spirit Drums and Music