04. November 2017 - 10:00
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Vikings: The Exhibition | Royal Ontario Museum | Saturday, 04. November 2017

NOVEMBER 4, 2017 TO APRIL 2, 2018

Bloodthirsty plunderers. Pillaging warriors. Seafaring traders. What do we really know about Vikings?

Explore the myths and stereotypes of this ancient culture in VIKINGS: The Exhibition, presented by investment dealer Raymond James Ltd. Offering a fresh and contemporary look into the Viking Age, VIKINGS is an extraordinary window into the lifestyle, religion, and daily lives of these legendary explorers, artisans, and craftspeople. Encounter objects rarely displayed outside of Scandinavia in this compelling exhibition that challenges the perceptions of the Viking Age through hundreds of objects, as well as interactives, and immersive experiences.
  • I went early part of January and it was pretty amazing how the Vikings lived.
  • VIKING Exhibit
  • Kristen Schlorff​​ 😁
  • We’ve been twice so far. And while the exhibit is informative, we found the interactive Viking village that was set up for the kids surpassed our expectations. We all really got into Viking culture and life with the help of these very knowledgable men and women. The kids loved it so much they want to be Vikings! Thank you. We will be coming back in March. I hope to see more events that include this. This was like an educational version of ‘Night at the Museum’ 😊
  • Boosting the magnificent exhibit with some history in the flesh, we'll be setting up a small village encampment in the events gallery on the second floor! See the crafts, costumery, and tools of combat from the period brought to life in our living history segment, all winter break long! We are Torvik - Living Viking History and Wulfthorpe, Viking Reenactment, and we invite you and the whole family to join us in our love of history and recreation of the past! Share this far and wide, and bring everyone you can! This is not to be missed!
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  • A note on Viking Jewelry and weapons: Artisans made exquisite gold and silver objects such as neck rings, armbands, costume brooches, belt mounts, and buckles. These gave status to magnates and aristocrats. The artisans mastered every process from casting and forging to gilding bronze and practicing filigree technique: soldering thin threads of gold or silver to a base. The fact that the work was done in dark indoor settings makes it all even more impressive. To achieve the desired precision in the work, the artisans used polished lenses of rock crystal as magnifying glasses. Much of what was made by the Viking Age craftsmen is of such high class that it is difficult to copy today. Artisans were also heavily involved in weapon manufacture. It is impossible to distinguish a “pure” weapon-smith from an engraver with a sure sense of style. It is almost certain that both roles were performed by one and the same person. The sword was the most prestigious of all weapons. Even the simplest-seeming sword had to be made by a skilled smith. The sword blades of the highest class were often damascened, that is, decorated with ornamental bands all the way down the blade, forged together from narrow iron rods in different colours. When the blade was then polished, a beautiful and complicated pattern appeared on the surface. The hilt was decorated with great care. Many sword hilts are adorned with details in precious metals or bronze. Most weapons, however, were much less lavishly decorated. The main thing was that they functioned in combat, but they were often designed with forms attractive to the eye.
  • Looks interesting.
  • Can you take pictures
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  • So, just to clarify, this runs November to April, or only 2 dates?
  • Xmas present 👍
  • Is this an exhibit one can come see at any time between the two indicated dates or is it limited to the events listed?
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  • Darren Simpson want to go see some Vikings??
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