21. April 2017 - 21:30
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Toronto HER Spring Party | StudioBar | Friday, 21. April 2017

After our incredible inaugural Winter Party, Her - The App for LGBTQ Women is back with another epic night of music, performers and celebrating our unique identities.

HER is the first dating and social app Made for LGBTQ+ women, by LGBTQ+ women. HER is live in over 55 countries world wide with over 1.8M users. For dating, making friends, reading content, finding out about local events or just chatting away, it's the biggest community for ***** women and trans folk worldwide. HER recognizes the need for ***** women to find social spaces to meet outside of the digital sphere. Find our parties in major cities worldwide, you're never too far away from your HER community!

Get lost in our reimagined ***** speakeasy. Flirt, mix and mingle to modern electro-swing, a genre mixing old and new, fusing traditional swing with vibrant electronic music. Encorporating the reworked sounds of house, dubstep, drum and bass,and hip hop set to tune of prohibition era horns, skat and swing beats. Groove to our bass-heavy dancefloor with sounds from three diverse DJs.

Dress to excess in 20s and 30s style! Throw on your fedora, snap on a bow tie and suspenders, and come swirl around a girl in a fringe skirt.

Hungry? We got cha covered. Grab a MONTADITOS throughout the night at Studio Bar. Cheap and yummy all night long.





Dolly Berlin Burlesque


Maximum Capacity



Alexandra Keith
Insta: @cptmavis



Richard Medicineman



DjMelanie Sutherland
Insta: @djmelaniesutherland

MASSIVE BAR + FIVE bartenders to serve you efficiently, no long drink lines :)

Arrive early and design a "profile" tag. Play some vintage games, watch burlesque, leave someone some flirt mail, take photos with our props and get to know each other a little better ;)


New to the scene but still want to come out, meet women and have an amazing time? Members of The HER Team will be meeting those flying solo to play some pool at The Rivoli, 334 Queen Street West. They'll be wearing black HER tank tops. Anyone interested in making some buddies before attending can get in on the action, and then head to StudioBar together.

▼ Tickets Online BELOW ▼

Early Bird (SOLD OUT): $10 online

Regular Tickets: $15 online in advance. $20 at the door (if available)

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Music & Performance: MAVIS + + MELANIE SUTHERLAND + Medicineman
Host: HER Toronto - Fee Arielle [ Felicia@weareher.com ]
Photography: Nancy Kim & Samira Hafezi

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Toronto HER Spring Party
Friday | April 21 | 2017
Doors | 9:30PM – 2:30AM
Studio Bar | 824 Dundas Street West

** This is a ***** event for those defining as LGBTQ+ Women & Trans Folk. However, we are inclusive of the entire LGBTQ+ community and allies so please come out and support your friends!

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Check out the HER Shop online and grab some rad HER branded gear to show some love at the event!

**** REMINDER*****

Due to a last minute, unforeseen venue sale of The Den, we have moved our party to APRIL 21 at STUDIO BAR - 824 DUNDAS STREET WEST

We can't wait to see you all there, but we realize some people may no longer be able to attend due to the date change. If this is the case, and you have purchased an advanced ticket, please email felicia@weareher.com or send a DM to Fee Arielle and you will be refunded. If you have already purchased a ticket for the April 15 date, and are still intending to come on April 21, you do NOT need to purchase another ticket for the changed date/venue. You are good to go and we can't wait to meet you all!
  • $15 Advanced ticket sales will come to an end today at 4:00PM just before the event so grab em RIGHT MEOW!! Post 4:00PM you can grab $20 tickets at the door if they're available. WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES TONIGHT!!! ▼ TICKETS HERE ▼ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/toronto-her-spring-party-tickets-32926480991?ref=estw
  • Will there be a coat-check?
  • I can't even handle the fire on this duo!!! Presenting our sizzling burlesque star & drag king duo: Maximum Capacity & Dolly Berlin We know you recognize them, and if you don't, get acquainted. We're about to get real close and personal. Tomorrow night. When they perform. IT GONNA BE SO GOOD. SO LIT. SO EVERYTHING https://dollyberlin.com/ www.maximumcapacityking.com/ Max photo cred: Sarah khan
  • Hungry all the time? Ya same...SO DON'T PANIC. THERE WILL BE FOOD AT THE PARTY to sooth your tipsy souls while you swing the night away. Grab a MONTADITOS sandwich at StudioBar to keep you fuelled throughout the night. Or get there early to stuff your ****. We got chu covered. If you haven't gotten tickets. You're not going to enjoy waiting in line tomorrow so just get em now ok. OKAY. glad we had this talk. See you there, with a sandwich in hand. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/toronto-her-spring-party-tickets-32926480991?ref=estw
  • Aurora Rose Zboch don't forget we're going to this tmrw
  • So the party is quickly approaching and I bet y'all are asking yourselves.....What do people wear to an electro-swing party? Well. Whatever you want. BUT lots of people prefer to dress in tribute to the eras that influenced this jazzed-up genre. We suggest: Fringe Bowties Suspenders Fedoras Lace Feather Headbands Pumps Slacks Oxfords Button Ups String of Pearls Feather Boas Still unsure? Take a peak at the photos below for inspiration. HAVE FUN WITH IT. We can't wait to see what you come up with on Friday, you saucy people you.
  • A mix I did a ways back on the grittier side of the electro swing 'n blues spectrum... for groovin' and grindin' into Friday festivities ;)
  • Introducing our second DJ in the lineup, our #WomanCrushWednesday, DjMelanie Sutherland!!! We can't wait to hear this lady bee-bop you back to the 20s with her swingin' set. Recognize this gem from her own Electro-Swing monthlies at Wayla Bar 3 DJS DRAG KING & BURLESQUE DUO FLIRT MAIL TOO MUCH TO STAY HOME FOR. GET ADVANCED TICKETS NOW https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/toronto-her-spring-party-tickets-32926480991?ref=estw
  • Our #ManCrushMonday (on a Tuesday, just because) is our headliner DJ MEDICINEMAN Recognize him from his resident gig with Electro Swing Toronto. We've brought you Toronto's most seasoned, to get you swinging away. Medicineman will wow you with his eclectic blend of nu jazz and gypsy beats. A mix of vintage and world music legends with modern beats dosed with a naughty dash of “electro swing.” The infectious genre blends 1920s ragtime and blues with house, dub reggae, drum 'n' bass and hip hop. Get ready people. Your feet will be sore and you may sweat. A lot. Caz you'll be dancing. hard. https://soundcloud.com/djmedicineman
  • Say hello to Her - The App for LGBTQ Women team members Roslyn & Vanessa Nicole These lovely ladies will be hosting a pre-meet at Rivoli close to the venue for anyone attending the HER Spring Party solo and wants to make some friends before attending. After you pool together, over a game of pool. You guys can all walk over to Studio Bar together as a group and hopefully make some long term friendships .... or more ;) They are fun and approachable and will take all your nerves away! Everyone is going to have the best possible time, even if you're new to the scene. Find them in their black and white HER shirts! WHAT: HER Spring Party Pre-Meet WHRE: The Rivoli - 334 Queen Street West. DATE: April 21 TIME: 8:00PM - 9:30PM
  • Love watching beautiful women do beautiful dances? That's probably why you're here, I suppose. Get to the HER Spring Party early to catch the local legend Dolly Berlin Burlesque​ seduce you with her tantalizing burlesque act! Get your tickets in advance to avoid missing out!! It's never fun to miss out. https://dollyberlin.com/
  • Have you gotten your advanced tickets yet? You better, they're about to sell out. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/toronto-her-spring-party-tickets-32926480991?ref=estw
  • While preparing for our 20s/30s era party, I came across an article alluding to the history of ***** women's labels. Where did all our labels come from? A lot of ******* slang developed in women's prisons in the 20s and spread to other areas of society. What would you go by back then? Comment below if you identify with any ;) 20s: **** Bulldyke Bull dagger Gay Drag 30s: ***** Bird Lavender Sil (a ******* silly in love with another) Trapeze Artist (a woman who goes...down) Butch Terms: Mantee Jockey Daddy Poppa Husband Top Sergeant Femme Terms: Mamma Wife ***** ( a middle class woman who strayed into lesbianism once in a while)
  • ATTENTION!!!! LONG WEEKEND FLASH SALE You guys like flashing right? Get your minds out of the gutter. I'm talking about sales!!! We have released 20 TICKETS at Pre-Sale $10.00 prices just for some long weekend lovin' They will only be available from NOW until 5:00PM on April 14th. Then they go back up in price. No code necessary, just get there fast!! Get em while they're hot, like the dancers in the photo below https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/toronto-her-spring-party-tickets-32926480991?ref=estw
  • I just came across this video and thought I had to show you all this rad 82 year old DJ in Tokyo. Sumiko will get you ready to party. #GIRLPOWER #FemaleDJ #weareher
  • How good are your flirt skills?
  • Vicki Williston Hillary Predko Lindy Wilkins
  • Advanced tickets are getting close to the end. Last time we completely sold out!! $15 RIGT MEOW ONLINE https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/toronto-her-spring-party-tickets-32926480991?ref=estw $20 at the door (IF SUPPLIES LAST) Don't miss out. You know you'll be a sad kitty if you do.
  • Introducing our Head of SnapChat for our event Rhia Rave Fae! This rainbow haired cutie will be working the official HER Snapchat (@hersocialapp) to broadcast your beautiful faces all night long! Hit her up at the event if you want to be seen by our huge following of ***** women and trans folks around the world! EVERYONE WILL SWIPE RIGHT!
  • hey! im trying to buy a ticket to this event but its giving me an error all day. is it just me or is anyone else having issues?! really want to secure my ticket :D
  • 🦄✨🌈🙌🏼🐺
  • meow😽🌈✨ tickets are almost sold out! they will be $20 at the door if any are left so hurry and get them now!!!
  • The location is still showing the Den for the 21st but so curious to go!
  • Hi Everyone!! We want to inform you lovely people of some changes to the upcoming event. Due to a last minute, unforeseen venue sale of The Den, we are no longer able to host our party on April 15th at 423 College Street. But since the party don't stop, we have worked tirelessly to find the perfect replacement venue to throw our super *****, super swingin' speakeasy at. We were able to secure a weekend date for the following Friday, April 21st at StudioBar at 824 Dundas Street West. We can't wait to see you all there, but we realize some people may no longer be able to attend due to the date change. If this is the case, and you have purchased an advanced ticket, please email felicia@weareher.com or send a DM to Fee Arielle and you will be refunded. If you have already purchased a ticket to this party, you do not need to purchase another for the changed date/venue. You are good to go and we can't wait to meet you all! Thank you beautiful people for understanding and we can't wait to swing you away!! Lots of love, Fee