31. October 2017 - 22:00
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Toronto Halloween 2017 | Toronto, Ontario | Tuesday, 31. October 2017

Join us for Toronto’s official Halloween costume party!

Venue (Stadium Club) Address: 102 Peter St, Toronto, ON M5V 2G7 (This is a 19+ Party)
Tickets http://www.jawah.com/event/stadium-nightclub/

Anyone under 19 can join our all age party Friday
at the venue rockpile
Tickets: http://www.jawah.com/event/all-ages-halloween-party/

Haunted Venue Decor
Toronto’s sexiest crowd
Tons of candy and giveaways
Spacious dancefloors and seating areas
The Top DJ Talents
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  • Halloween Toronto 2017 Held at Stadium Nightclub Get your tickets at http://www.jawah.com/event/stadium-nightclub/ (19+Party) For anyone under 19 here is join our our all ages party Held at the Rockpile Nightclub http://www.jawah.com/event/all-ages-halloween-party/
  • Awesome, good luck
  • Have fun.
  • Sorry chels can't make have a appt tomorrow 😕
  • When is the next one?
  • Anyone selling cheaper tickets?
  • Have too work Monday but this looks like alot of fun
  • Can't make it for Monday night! Would like to sell my early-bird ticket for $35. PM! :)
  • This sounds cool to bad I didn't know sooner I'd taken the day off
  • Boat Party- Tickets @ https://www.jawah.com/event/toronto-boat-party-canada-day/ (11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1B6) Boat Party Monday July 3rd Boarding Time: 12:30 PM Departure: 1:00 PM Arrival: 5:00PM
  • Morgan Mccallum
  • Who's going to be singing there this year!! Went last year. It was amazing! Need to go again :)
  • Eric Lewis
  • Daniel Sader thinking of going? Ive never been i wouldn't mind checking it out.
  • Gopi Johal never been.. Wanna go?
  • Seb Klus we should gooooo
  • looks cool !!
  • Brody Holmes let's go this year!!
  • *** DalicandroMarlee Mercedez Biggs
  • Samantha Larochelle
  • Ivana Koren
  • Childhood memories every year we closed the place remember Karen Hodges an Jill Berni
  • This looks nuts