24. February 2018 - 13:30 till 15:30

Throwback Cinema: Willow- Cancelled | Revue Cinema | Saturday, 24. February 2018

Throwback Cinema presents WILLOW
USA, 1988
126 min, PG
Directed by Ron Howard
Starring Warwick Davis, Joanne Whalley, Val Kilmer, the Brownies

Saturday, February 24 at 1:30 PM

Elora Danan is in great danger: the baby bears the birthmark of the one who will take down the evil Sorceress, Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh), who will stop at nothing to eliminate any threat to her power and rule. Discovered by the family of Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis), a hapless conjurer, Elora’s presence quickly threatens the peace and safety of the Nelwyn (dwarves) and Willow is tasked with returning her to the humans. Pursued by the nightmarish Nockmaar hounds and Queen Bavmorda’s merciless daughter Sorsha (Joanne Whalley), and aided by the moody warrior Madmartigan (Val Kilmer), can Willow help Elora fulfill her destiny, or is he in over his head? Considered a cult classic, ‘Willow’ is a high fantasy adventure film beloved for its characters, iconic action sequences, and Oscar nominated special effects. Come join us for this special, one day only presentation that is sure to entertain the whole family!