09. September 2017 - 11:30
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Tao Yuan Chang | Master Sha Tao Centre | Saturday, 09. September 2017

Tao Yuan Chang

At this special time, the Tao Chang is created on Mother Earth through Source power. The Tao Chang is formed in a physical place within a circle of Tao Calligraphies.

Each Tao Calligraphy is written in a rare style, and created with unique power. It is Oneness writing. Oneness writing carries Tao jing qi shen. “Jing” means matter. “Qi” means energy. “Shen” includes soul, heart and mind. I am honoured to be a servant of humanity, the Divine, and Tao. I was given the honour and abilities to bring the jing qi shen of Tao and Oneness into my Tao Calligraphies.

Tao Chang carries the purest jing qi shen of Tao Source, the highest Creator.
It can purify and transform the jing qi shen of health, relationships, finances, and every aspect of life. Tao Chang has now been created on Mother Earth.

Realize the Tao Chang. Receive blessings from Tao Chang.
Transform and benefit in every aspect of life from Tao Chang.
Appreciate Tao Chang.

Let Tao Chang serve you and your loved ones.
Let Tao Chang serve humanity, Mother Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes.

Honour Fee: $50 CA. Available in person and via Webcast.

For registration and inquires contact:
Master Sha Tao Centre Toronto
Call 416.609.2777
Email: TaoCentreToronto@DrSha.com