12. January 2019 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Soul Natural: Soul Sisterhood Sacred Circle - New Moon in Capricorn | Jungle | Saturday, 12. January 2019

Join your sisters for a lovely New Moon in Capricorn. 
Let us enjoy these energies together:
This group is intended to bring us womban together to help is learn and grow from each other. It is important our energies are all set in the same place - positivity, strength, kindness, and love. We are all here to share knowledge and assist each other through our spiritual journeys. All on different paths leading to different destinations. Therefore we must listen carefully using wisdom and understanding. Our intentions are to release baggage and help each other move forward on our journey. 
We are vast and mystical, rich and vibrant full of passion and purpose. We burn deep inside knowing profound understanding and a message to live in. If you have been called you know it. You are emerging. You are asked to become a living Goddess. Embracing the authority and immortality that comes with soulful living. If you believe you have been lead here for a purpose. Request to join, your soul sisters are waiting for you. We gather each and every month for the New Moon and the Full Moon, to visualize our dreams and to support each other on each of our unique journey's. 
Your experience includes:

Visualization and manifestation techniques
Astrological collective energy reading regarding the Full / New Moon
Self love exercises and empowerment
Chakra balancing and Energy healing rituals 
Gratitude / release ceremonies 
Soul connection exercices 
Goals setting
Oracle cards readings
Intuitive guidance
Creative exercises including paint and music night (just to name a few)
Healthy Snacks + wine
& of course Love

In addition every sister will take home a crystal kit + work book associated with the sign of the month and a take home meditation. You do not want to miss this.
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What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
There is street parking. It is about a 5 minute walk from lansdowne station
What can I bring into the event?
You can bring snacks or drinks if you like. We usually do have an assortment of snacks.
Wine is acceptable. 
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
You can contact Kassandra by email at .
You may also contact Kassandra on Facebook: Kassandra da Silva Love  
You may also contact Kassandra via Instagram: soulsisterhoodtoronto or ohsoulnatural
Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Please Introduce yourself
I am a quiet wanderer and lover of this earth
How did you discover Soul Sisterhood Toronto?
Through word of mouth from my friend
Why did you decide to join a moon circle?
I wanted to learn about myself, to get comfortable being open and sharing. I also wanted to learn about the moon relation and synchrony to us human and especially us, women, our bodies, our spirit and try something I have never tried before !
How was your experience of the circle?
Always positive !
Fortunately the circles I have attended, all of the women have been on a mutual wave of energy.
Each of us so different in our own unique ways but present for sharing and learning. It was always an open space, free of judgment and full of respect, understanding and support amongst all of us women who were coming together for the first time.
Can you mention something that had the most impact on you during that circle?
Realizing that we are all individually so different but often endure the same struggles and hardships, mentally and spiritually.
A lot of shared thoughts and experiences I was able to very closely relate to, again with someone / people I had never known or met before.
How did you feel afterwards?
Full, grounded, satisfied, and a strong sense of all the releasing and confrontation of my thoughts and doubts.
Would you recommend it to women you know? If yes, why?
Absolutely !
It is such a healthy and interesting activity / ritual to take part in.
You learn to be open. It challenges you to ask yourself the right questions in order to better connect to yourself and who you really are - your feelings, morals and belief.
You are in a mutual place of sharing, you always leave learning something new.

Please Introduce yourself
My name is Tess and I'm 24 years old and a production designer in Toronto.
How did you discover Soul Sisterhood Toronto?
I discovered Soul Sisterhood through a work friend.
At work we discussed how we wanted to be surrounded by women empowering women and positivity.
Why did you decide to join a moon circle?
In Toronto most women are super competitive and cut throat. It's very difficult to find genuine friends who truly want to support you, as well as help you grow into the best you that you can be.
My work friend immediately invited me to join the circle.
How was your experience of the circle?
The circle ended up being everything I was looking for!
All the women have been so supportive and genuine.
Can you mention something that had the most impact on you during that circle?
My favorite part about it is that everyone comes from different backgrounds and ages.
This enables us to work through anything. Everyone has such a unique perspective on life and so much love to share.
How did you feel afterwards?
Afterwards I felt grounded and sure of myself.
Sometimes in difficult situations I can feel their positivity radiating out of me. It feels like being around someone that smiles so much you can't help but smile too.
Would you recommend it to women you know? If yes, why?
Yes I definitely would recommend it to women I know!
But I would only recommend it to women who have open heart and who are able to let the light in.
I guess I would also say it's a place to relax and be free.

Please Introduce yourself
My name is Nicole, a wardrobe stylist based in Toronto.  
How did you discover Soul Sisterhood Toronto?
I wouldn't say I “discovered” Soul Sisterhood necessarily,  I would rather say I watched it emerge from the time I met Kassandra a few years ago where the essence of her became the backbone of Soul Sisterhood. We connected on a spiritual level as we both influenced growth and positivity in each other,  before I knew it I identified and took part in the Soul Sisterhood community.
Why did you decide to join a moon circle?
When Kassandra told me about her Moon Circles, I was going through growing pains and I knew that by going, I would be able to release any negative energy alongside women that had the same soul goals as myself.
Honestly, it was the very first Moon Circle that I attended even though I had a lot of knowledge on the motions of the Universe revolving the Moon.
How was your experience of the circle?
My experience did everything that I knew it would do for me!  
I was able to speak my inner wishes into existence, rid myself of any fears or baggage I carried for so long and the most important thing was doing this with OTHER WOMEN WHO UNDERSTOOD ME.
Can you mention something that had the most impact on you during that circle?
From the Moon Circle what impacted me the most is how beautiful it is to be able to sit with women from the community without being judged because we all mutually hungered for the same things spiritually.
How did you feel afterwards?
After my first experience, my heart felt lighter, it validated my Soul Purpose that I always knew I had,  to keep channeling the same energy to everyone around me and to continue living this truth through my lifestyle.
Would you recommend it to women you know? If yes, why?
I would definitely recommend Soul Sisterhood Moon Circles to women!
I strongly encourage women who strive to spread love and light to the world to take part in this community of beautiful women. Also I strongly push women who feel lost and tainted by outside factors to join as it can be life changing to know that you can, with other amazing women, put great intentions into the Universe. I believe that Moon Circles within a group of Goddesses can one day spread and make our world a better place.
I'd also like to thank Kassandra for all her hard work and dedication to Soul Sisterhood - it is such a breath of fresh air to know that somehow, even when you feel alone, you belong somewhere.
Love Always.

Please Introduce yourself
My name is Samantha and I’m 27 years old!
How did you discover Soul Sisterhood Toronto?
I discovered Soul Sisterhood Toronto through the amazing Kassandra who I met years ago at our first job. We reconnected over social media and she told me about Soul Sisterhood and immediately I was in.
Why did you decide to join a moon circle?
I joined a Moon Circle because I believe in the importance of Sisterhood and being connected to women as well as women empowerment. In a society that focuses on men it’s important for women to come together, share our stories and uplift each other.
How was your experience of the circle?
During the first Moon Circle I went to I was nervous because I’m a shy and reserved person, but after meeting the amazing women I felt completely comfortable and aligned with them.
We did an activity where we wrote down 5 things / qualities we love about ourselves and shared them with a group. Sometimes I’m very hard on myself but taking the time to write down 5 things I love about myself made me stop and appreciate myself again. It was a great feeling.
How did you feel afterwards?
I felt amazing  after the Moon circle!
I had bonded with amazing women, we shared stories, did activities, listened and complemented each other. I’m a very spiritual person and I felt genuinely connected to the Moon, myself, nature, and these other incredible women. 
Would you recommend it to women you know? If yes, why?
I would definitely recommend the Moon Circle to other women!
The activities that Kassandra had planned for us were beautiful, well thought out, made my confidence increase, I felt supported and listened to.
Astrology is incorporated into the Moon Circle which is huge for me as I’m very into astrology and all things related.
And lastly I believe women need to connect with other women. It is hard sometimes with work and how busy life is to really feel a sense of Sisterhood but we as women need that and I believe these Moon Circles give us that opportunity.