05. November 2017 - 13:00

Purl-Jam | Old's Cool General Store | Sunday, 05. November 2017

Calling all Knit-Wits and Happy Hookers! Come join us for our weekly Purl Jam. All fiber arts and artists welcome!
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone again today! I missed last week but won’t be missing this week!
  • What a lovely time my daughter, Lucy, and I had today at Purl-Jam! Thank you to Old's Cool for hosting ! :) Lynise
  • To those I was talking to last weekend about crocheting - Tracey and Laura - can't tag you, but hope you see this! I cannot come today. My kid is fighting his nap and that means the errands we need to get done before 1 pm so I can attend are probably going to need to get done around that time by the way this morning is shaping up. Glad this is weekly and maybe our paths will cross next time! Next Sunday looks like I should be able to make it 💚
  • If there is anyone out there that would like to learn... let me set you on on your first project?!! I am offering to supply one new new knitter with basic materials and instructions. 2 projects to choose from.... free!
  • I have the monster pattern PDF.... anyone who wants it? Just let me know!!
  • Here is the link to the Secret History of Knitting video we were talking about today!
  • The Old's Cool Purl Jammers ... If you missed this week, we hope you can join in the fun next Sunday!