30. March 2018 - 9:00

Ontario Regional Contact Jam 2018 | Canada's National Ballet School | Friday, 30. March 2018

Three days of Contact Improvisation on one entire floor of the Canadian National Ballet School. Three beautiful light-filled studios. Nearly 300 people to dance with. Especially welcoming to new people, non-dancers, people of all sizes, ages, shapes, mental and physical abilities. The venue is completely wheelchair accessible. LGBTQ welcoming.

Wed, Jan 31: pay only $80.
Wed, Feb 28: pay only $100.
Wed, Mar 7: ask for help finding housing (but sooner is better).
Wed, Mar 14: ask for ASL, attendant, or other accommodation.
Wed, Mar 21: pay $120, lunches and snacks included.
Wed, Mar 28: pay $120 online, but no food.

Fri, Mar 31: pay $120 at the door starting at 9am, but no food.

We want to create a community of practice. One of the essential components of Contact Improv is being present with ourselves, with our partner, with the floor, with gravity and... How far can your presence extend? When we have an entire community choosing to make this presence a conscious practice who knows to what heights and depths our dancing can take us?

For those who request ASL translation, attendant care, or have other accommodation requests, please contact Henry Wai at henryhwai@gmail.com by Wednesday, March 14, 2018 to increase the likelihood that we can make arrangements.