26. January 2018 - 14:00
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North American Debate Championships 2018 | University of Toronto | Friday, 26. January 2018

On behalf of The University of Toronto and The Hart House Debate Club, We are happy to host and welcome you all to the 2018 North American Debate Championships (NORAMS) this January 26th-28th.

Adjudication Core:
Cam Climie
Cam has extensive history both with adjudication and debating, having DCA'd 2017 NORAMS and breaking as a judge at NAUDC, Northams, Nats, HWS, and HHIV. He has also appeared in the finals at HHIV, BP Champs, and semi-finals at NAUDC and National Championships.

Danny Debois
Danny is a senior at Harvard. He won the Yale IV twice and the HWS IV, and was top speaker of the HWS Round Robin and the Hart House IV. He has also appeared in finals of NAUDC (twice), USUDC, the Oxford IV, the Hart House IV, and the HWS Round Robin. He has broken at WUDC three times, last year being 6th on the team tab.

Zoe Seaman-Grant
Zoë debated for Bates College. She debated in finals of the 2017 WUDC, 2016 Yale IV, 2016 HWS IV, and 2015 and 2016 Brandeis IVs. She was top speaker at the 2017 USUDC and 2016 Yale IV. As an adjudicator, she was the CA of the 2017 Yale IV, a DCA of 2017 NAUDC, a CA of the 2017 GW IV, and will be the CA of 2018 USUDC.

Alexandra Sundarsingh
Alexandra Sundarsingh has been the CA of 2017 NorthAms, NAUDC and HHIV, 2016 NAWDC, and twice the HH Commonwealth IV in addition to judging many outrounds including the 2015 HHIV final and 2015 Northams Final. She was a DCA at NAUDC 2016 and will be an IA at Mexico WUDC. Lex was an HWS Round Robin and 2-time Cambridge IV Finalist, a Worlds Universities quarterfinalist and 2 time octofinalist, and a 2 time quarterfinalist of the the Oxford IV. She has won numerous speaking awards and made appearances in a number of outrounds. She spends most of her spare time thinking and writing about food.

Organizing Committee:
Equity team: Sarah Barlow Millman, Nasra Moumin, Navin Kariyawasam
Registration director: Maria Hutt
Billeting director: Geethika Nair
Hotel coordinator: Amin Mosam
Food coordinator: Noah Pinno
Socials director: Nick Morrow

The Tournament package as been posted in the discussion portion. please read over it carefully.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through Norams2018@gmail.com or James Coady and Tiger Fu on facebook.

Tiger Fu and James Coady,
Tournament Directors.