04. November 2017 - 14:00

Make New Friends Day! | Board Game Bliss | Saturday, 04. November 2017

Do you have a board game that you just can't ever seem to get to the table? Do you have a game you've always wanted to try but know your friends wouldn't like it? Do you want to make some new friends and try some new games?

We are hosting this event to build friendships and foster a sense of community. Come in by yourself or with friends and play some games with a bunch of other board gamers from 2-6 (though we won't kick you out if you stay later :) ). Admission is free and you are welcome to bring in your own beverages (no food please and please be careful!) and play any of our games, your games or games others bring to play.

During this event we will be matching up singles and groups to try and get everyone playing the whole time, so whether you are by yourself or with a group you are welcome!. We are excited to have you for the next event!

These Events will always take place on the second Saturday of the month barring an announcement to the contrary.