21. September 2017 - 19:00
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Key Cocktails | The Drake Hotel | Thursday, 21. September 2017

Happy Friday!
It's been waaay too long since we all got together so come, see old friends and meet some new ones. Please extend the invite to anyone in our wild and crazy "influencer" world.
UPDATE: Let's meet in the lounge at The Drake Hotel and if it's nice we can go upstairs to the Sky Yard and if it's not we can stay in the lounge.
  • Who's in for tonight? I know it's a busy time of year but this is the most important time to come out and connect with people IRL. This is the time to build relationships and opportunities for 2018! Make the effort, it is always worth it. See you tonight! Please remember we are going not going to the Drake, we are going to SpiritHouse Toronto.
  • VENUE CHANGE! The next #BETHEKEY Influencer Meetup is tomorrow night at SpiritHouse Toronto from 7-9pm. I hope you all can make it!
  • Sorry Maureen! I'm going to have to miss this one. It's Diwali tomorrow. Have fun! Looking forward to the pictures :)
  • excited to be at the next one!
  • That was FUN! Can't wait for next month!!
  • Lovely to see so many old friends last night, and meet new ones! Wish there was more time to catch up with some of you. Thanks for putting this together Maureen Dennis ☺️
  • So great to see everyone last night! It was such a great reminder of how much better it is to hang out offline! Thanks to Maureen Dennis for making it happen.
  • My event went later than I thought. Sorry I missed it but i have Oct 19 PENNED into my calendar!
  • It was great seeing everyone last night. So many people I haven’t seen in a long time. It was truly wonderful. I know I didn’t get to talk to everyone, which is why I’m already looking forward to October’s event. Thank you, Maureen for hosting us!
  • 'twas great to meet who I did tonight, and to those who I didn't — see you at the next one :D
  • It was great to see everyone tonight
  • Have fun! Hope to be there October 19th! Keep me posted
  • We ARE...the Token Dads! (And we're totally okay with that!)
  • Sorry to miss tonight! Next month I'm in! Have fun!!
  • Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight! Shana Tova to all of my amazing Jewish friends. My bad on the date this month, I hope to see you in October. For those planning to come tonight, if you can please let me know you are "going" that would be great, it will give us an idea of the numbers. When you arrive at The Drake Hotel, please come upstairs to the Sky Yard and say hi to myself or Tory Halpin! We have name tags for you. See you tonight!
  • Sorry to miss it! Hope to see everyone in October.
  • Ugh, "meet the teacher" night conflicting. I will make sure I make the October event. Have a great time!
  • I'm unable to make the Sept event but I have October and November in my calendar - in INK!
  • Thursdays might be hockey-filled but depending on where I might be able to pop by afterwards :)
  • This sounds lovely! I do need to confirm but so far it looks like I'm clear to attend. Fingers crossed! :)
  • Ohhh this is too good! I literally woke up yesterday and said I wish there was another event coming up!! Thanks for including me!