08. December 2017 - 18:00
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JAYU's 6th annual Human Rights Film Festival | Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema | Friday, 08. December 2017

The Human Rights Film Festival returns for a 6th year with a record breaking 15 films, 11 premieres, and our most riveting program yet from December 8th - 10th, at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.

Tickets are now on sale:


True Conviction (Canadian Premiere)

Opening Night Reception and
Shorts Screening Series

The Good Postman (Canadian Premiere)
Screening w/ Mare Nostrum (Canadian Premiere)

Armed With Faith (Toronto Premiere)
Screening w/ Light For Freedom (World Premiere)

Muhi: Generally Temporary (Hot Docs Audience Top 10 Award)
Screening w/ Rupture

Jaha's Promise (Canadian Premiere)
Screening w/ Waiting for Hassana

Tickets are as low as $12!

The Human Rights Film Festival is generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council
  • Geoff - Honestly am busy each and every one of these nights - a blessing, not complaining/not bragging. Otherwise I'd definitely be into it.
  • Northern Pakistan, alongside the Afghanistan border, is home to one of the most dangerous places in the world. A frequent site of ******* bombings, IEDs and violent attacks, this border region serves as a gateway for terrorists to pass through and operate from. On Saturday at 6 PM, JAYU introduces Toronto for the first time to 34 men, led by Shafqat Malik, who risk their lives daily to protect innocent civilians from bomb explosions. Catch the Toronto Premiere of ARMED WITH FAITH this Saturday! Tickets on sale at jayu.ca/armed-with-faith
  • Does anyone know if any of the HRFF films have closed caption, open caption or subtitles?
  • We are just FOUR DAYS AWAY from opening night! Tickets for TRUE CONVICTION are available at jayu.ca/festival17
  • So honoured to have the support of our Governor General, Prime Minister, Premier and Mayor! Tickets still available to our 6th annual Human Rights Film Festival!
  • Check out this incredible chalk art! Thank you Geoff Doner!
  • "Muhi’s story is a keen illustration of an experiential disconnect that afflicts one unwitting victim of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Fall in love with Muhi, one of the most inspirational characters we've ever met at the JAYU Human Rights Film Festival. MUHI: Generally Temporary plays at 3 PM on Dec 10th at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema www.jayu.ca/muhi
  • Hi everyone! Help us spread the word by inviting your friends to this event. Just over a week away!
  • "A reminder that those who cause conflict should do more to help the victims.” Get to know the heroes that put their lives at risk everyday to help rid their country of mines at the JAYU Human Rights Film Festival. ARMED WITH FAITH will hit the big screen on Dec 9 at 6 PM at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. For more info, visit www.jayu.ca/armed-with-faith
  • "It speaks a great deal to topics faced across the world; the parallels with America’s own debates about people considered “the other” are especially prominent.” Catch one of the most timely documentaries that doesn't mention Trump at the JAYU Human Rights Film Festival. JAYU presents the Canadian Premiere of THE GOOD POSTMAN. Dec 9th, 3 PM at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Tickets: www.jayu.ca/the-good-postman
  • Introducing our first film of the Human Rights Film Festival—TRUE CONVICTION, a film about "the true injustices in our judicial system and the lack of compassion that we have for one another that continues to permeate this reality.” Learn about these stories during our opening night at the JAYU Human Rights Film Festival with Christopher Scott and Johnnie Lindsey, two men who were wrongfully incarcerated and are now dedicating their lives to finding justice for others who **** similar fates. Save the date: Dec 8th at 6 PM at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Get your tickets at jayu.ca/true-conviction
  • The Human Rights Film Festival returns for an incredible 6th year. Join us as we celebrate Human Rights Day from December 8-10 at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Tickets are now on sale! jayu.ca/festival17
  • pumped Gilad Cohen...Will definitely be attending