26. September 2017 - 6:00
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Invictus 2017 | Toronto, Ontario | Tuesday, 26. September 2017

The Invictus Games are an international sporting event for serving members and veterans with a permanent physical or mental health illness/injury.

Invictus Games 2017 will bring together more than 600 competitors from up to 16 nations to compete in 12 sports: archery, track and field, cycling, golf, powerlifting, indoor rowing, sitting volleyball, sledge hockey, swimming, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis.

Les Jeux Invictus sont un événement sportif international pour les militaires en service actif et les anciens combattants qui vivent avec une blessure ou une maladie mentale ou physique permanente.

Les Jeux Invictus 2017 réuniront plus de 600 concurrents de plus de 16 pays pour concourir dans 12 disciplines sportives : tir à l’arc, athlétisme, cyclisme, golf, dynamophilie, aviron en salle, volleyball assis, hockey luge, natation, basketball en fauteuil roulant, rugby en fauteuil roulant et tennis en fauteuil roulant.

  • Hi my name is Shirley church I was injured in a terror attack in 2015 in Tunisia my consultant said I may as well been in the army what happened that day he threw an hand grenade it cut my siactic nerve in have doctors battled for two years to save my leg but have had to have above knee amputation also my left leg injured my back and also left hand can any one give me any advice I have to have a nhs leg made thanks s church
  • I was there🤓
  • Напишіть, хто завтра збирається в high park на велоперегони? Я з дітьми піду (в них вихідний в школі) майже на цілий день Все ж таки командою прикольніше навіть вболівати ...
  • Borden
  • Where can one sign up to volunteer?
  • Congrats Ryan 😁
  • I'm a vet, would love to compete but I'm allergic to the sun ♿️
  • I am a veteran can not participate but am wondering if I can volunteer at the games for soldier on.
  • Keep us posted on your events Bruce Matthews
  • Does anyone know how to get tickets! Who's selling them and what is the charge to a Vet??? Thanks!😀
  • Looking To Purchase An INVICTUS Flag. Are They Available For Purchase? Thank You In Advance 🌹
  • Qui du Québec ont été sélectionnés? Faites-moi signe 😁
  • I would totally love to catch some of these games, Tammy Quilty! I was really interested to learn about them when Prince Harry announced them in Toronto this past summer. They sound amazing. Hope the tickets to events are a million bucks though....
  • We are very interested in the Invictus games for 2017.
  • Volunteer application is Fall 2016. In the details it says June 2016.. that's incorrect. :)
  • Where do,young sign up to volunteer?
  • Dear Organizing Committee, Would you be interested in having a huge Cadet band for the opening ceremonies? https://m.facebook.com/CentralRegionCadetsMassBand/ Thanks Paul
  • Do you need any Drumline entertainment?